Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Convergence Closing Party

Convergence is having a closing party on Friday December 28th!

This would be a great chance to check out the show, if you couldn't make it to, or slept on, the opening. This time we have Darren & Dave, Thumbs Up!, and Surah featuring Jeff Dixx playing. It's both BYOB, and a Pot Luck, so don't be stingy with your Aunt Florence's fruit cake.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

¡Viva Dormir!

Profuse apologies for the long strange gap in posts. Not that anybody's been clamoring for posts, but now that finals are over and I'm free from any other entanglements I've got the breathing room to sit back and type out some rambling rant-y type stuff for the old ninepanelgrid... before throwing myself head first into the backlog of projects that have accumulated on my table.

The opening for Convergence went really really well. I've wanted to write about it since it happened but haven't found the time or the words just yet to express exactly how I feel about that event. I'm still working on it; it's something I'll probably write about in a future zine or something. It was really surreal and strange and extremely fun. I'm insanely grateful to every person who came or sent well wishes. The show is still up, and we're planning a closing/christmas party for the 21st, which... just over a week away? I don't really know what we're going to do, but we'll figure it out.

Anyway, in the mean time I did these flyer/posters for shows that happened and were probably great!

Last weekend I was set up at the Beachland Ballroom's Rock and Roll Flea Market. It was pretty fun and I did kind of well. Being that time I year, I spent a couple hours painting my brains out, making x-mas pieces to try and capitalize on that market. I scanned them this year, so here's 6 of the 7... I sold the biggest one:

I'll try and post again soon. I've wanted to post up some of the work I've been doing for school, but just... no time for blogging when you're scrambling to survive and not fail at everything.