Sunday, December 25, 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ghost Ship Graveyard

This is the first time I've done a poster for The Mohawk in Austin. I'm pretty stoked it's for such a good show, and I was able to do something so ridiculous as a haunted pirate ghost ship. Graveyard from Sweden is a really awesome stoner-ish rock band that reminds me of everything good from classic rock radio without any of the bullshit that sucks about classic rock radio. Speaking of radio, I don't know much about Radio Moscow, but I'd definitely be down to check 'em out, give them a whirl, why not? Also, Eagle Claw! They're playing the New Years Eve show I did a poster for at Red 7. If I were in Austin, I'd be going to both of these shows.

Here's a close-up of the ghosts on the ship. I drew them separate and "ghosted" them in on the art in Photoshop. Pretty fun piece to work on.

Here's the straight up black and white line art for this one. I liked drawing this. I especially liked drawing the water. It's this brush stroke pattern that when you're doing it just looks like a mess, but the closer it gets to being done, the more it actually turns into the intended image. It's almost a surprise sometimes, when that happens.

I feel like the last few weeks, the holidays, really beat my ass this year without me even knowing it. Now I'm torched and confused as to when/how that happened. I'll hopefully be posting some more stuff this week. Been working pretty hard on some things, shaping 2012 into the best year yet. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Meanwhile, in Rusty Ol' Cleveland...

This is just a sketch piece I drew to include with an order a Megachurch fan placed for archival prints of the two record covers. Pretty quick drawing, really fun to draw. I pretty much throw in a quick sketch with every order I get over at the Shiner Comics Store.

Here's the art for a non-specific poster for Megachurch to send to venues and promoters when they play shows that don't already have a poster or flyer ready to go. Megachurch is plying a show this Saturday, December 17th, 2011 at Now That's Class, with Hot Cha Cha and VAMOS! (from Chicago). You should go, it's gonna be fun. I'm probably not going, I have to draw stuff. AND, I don't even like fun!

Hey, here's the more grim blackened white:

If you, or anyone you know, has booked MEGACHURCH to play, or you're just a huge fan, and would like a printable .pdf version of this poster, either the b/w or the full nasty color, please feel free to email me and I will send you what you want. If you would like me to add the text at the bottom, the venue and date and even the other bands playing, I can probably manage that too.

Speaking of Megachurch, here's the greatest music video of all time:

Here's the second greatest, more disturbing:

Hey look, a video of Megachurch playing at Studio-A-Rama a couple years ago:

Friday, December 09, 2011

Mad Weapons

It's a Very Red 7 New Years Eve with Russian Circles, The Roller, Eagle Claw, and Boyfrndz! Kiss 2011 AD goodbye!

When I launched into this I knew for certain I didn't want to do anything ...Russian, or with circles. Also, it being N.Y.E., I wanted to do something eye-catching. This wasn't the moment to be subtle, not that I've been all that subtle over the past few batches of posters, but... y'know, sometimes it just needs to be taken to eleven. This, and the next few posters for shows in Austin, would happen to be some of those sometimes. Anyway, I started with this big ass robot not unlike other big ass robots I've done in the past. This quickly evolved into the last rough, with this primitive Shewolf rockin' mad weapons.

A lot of times I don't take my pencils this far, the refined. I usually keep them rough and then do a lot of the work in the inking stage, but this time around I opted to get more thorough and make sure everything was dope before I starting to ink.

Russian Circles is pretty goddamn good. I can think of a lot of worse ways to spend New Years Eve. Personally, my Ladybird and I will be watching the Lord Of The Rings Extended DVDs all in one sitting. Happy New Year, Gandolf!

I inked the living shit outta this with a brush, then went back in with a rapidly dying Micron .01 pen, then splattered it with a toothbrush. I'm overall pretty satisfied with how well the inks look. I like the fur and the way the robot is textured. I like these characters a lot. As with almost all of my posters, there's a story there somewhere, to be told. I did at one point have a narrative for the Shewolf character I had drawn in the past, vague intentions of a huge volume of pages that wander through that world and the moments that make up this character's reality- bouncing them off our own world and the balance between the microcosms of particular instances and the much much bigger picture of the long view, the grand scheme. The forest vs. the trees (or probably more accurately, a segment of the bark on one tree in the forest) so to say. Maybe some day, I'll make that comic? Someday, I suppose.

So, lastly, here's the lettering and splatters I used to create the textures and the splatters in the coloring stage. I was planning using this one as an example of the process of coloring, but then got carried away and forgot to take screen caps or save the file at various stages. Not that my process is all that informative or complicated, but... it's good to check in on that type of thing every now and again.

Well, I've spent way too long on this post already. I've been listening to the Drive Soundtrack as I've been typing this. Man, I know most people probably mostly love the pop jams, College song Real Hero, or Nightcall, which... great fucking jams, but the Cliff Martinez stuff on this one, the instrumental tracks... holy shit, this is good. Everything about that movie makes me super duper happy.

More coming soon. Two other Red 7 posters, Ten Imaginary Movies, and then some new comics!

Spacefighter Z Comic by J. Kelly

Five copies of Spacefighter Z, Part One: The Final Report of The Dolly Five by J. Kelly are now available at the Shiner Comics Store. If you missed it's debut at this year's Genghis Con, now's your chance to get a copy of this sci-fi/horror masterwork!

Here's the first three pages:

For those new to the Spacefighter Z concept, it's part of the pantheon of ideas known as the Ten Imaginary Movies series of posters painted by J. Kelly. This series spawned an art exhibit where I, John G, created a multitude of fake ephemera for these imaginary films. This is the same project that our new horror comics anthology, The Lake Erie Monster, came from (more info on that, SOON!).

You can see more about the Ten Imaginary Movies at Kelly's blog, Pave The Ocean!

We'll be posting the Ten Imaginary Movies Poster Set in the Shiner Comics Store soon, so keep that interweb tuner clicked in right here for the latest signal broadcast faxes!

Sunday, December 04, 2011


This piece will be in The Dog Days of December at Kollective Gallery, at 1908 S. Taylor in Cleveland Hts, opening Saturday December 10th, 2011. The show is a benefit for Secondhand Mutts, a great Cleveland dog adoption non-profit.

When I started this I knew I wanted to go bonkers on the details on the lady, and wanted to make it a multiple panel page layout, by design. Also, a dog, I was initially going to try and draw a different kind of dog, maybe a Rottweiler or Doberman, or some kind of huge Mastiff. As I was gunning for that and failing repeatedly, my confidence skinned it's knee and I opted for a wolfish character. I've drawn a lot of wolves in my day, so... that saved me a bunch of time that I then lost while inking like a lunatic. Not entirely sure where the name "Lucy" came from, other than it's short and fit on that heart shaped dog tag.

The finished piece is 9.5" x 16" brush and ink on poster board. I'm thinking about coloring this for the hell of it. Maybe do a limited print run and sell them to make some more loot for Secondhand Mutts?

Here's the link to the facbook event for the show: HERE. Kollective is a really awesome spot, it's also a tattoo shop. If you haven't been there, definitely check this show out, it's going to be pretty great, with contributions from a bunch of killer artists. PLUS, the main show in the gallery for December is the work of Hannah and Ian Petroni. I actually don't know anything about their work but I know both of them and they rule.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Poster Packs Up For Grabs

I've added some poster packs to the Shiner Comics Store, among the other things available for your purchasing pleasure.

10+ Poster Packs
These are is envelopes crammed with between 13 and 16 random posters. By random, it means they're all different assortments, and I have no idea which posters are in each pack. Each pack includes at least one 12" x 18" poster along with the more than ten 11" x 17" posters, plus a handful of random various sized prints and fliers and postcards. They range from older posters for shows in Cleveland at the various venues like the Beachland, Grog Shop and Now That's Class, to Melt Specials posters and more recent posters for Red 7 in Austin. Some of the packs have the 3D Double Dagger 11 x 17, which I included the 3D glasses with it.

I have 5 of these ready to ship, but I can make more if there's demand. Only $10, plus $3 for shipping.

20+ Poster Pack
Just like the 10+ Packs, these are envelopes crammed with well over ten random posters. It includes the 13" x 19" archival print from the Anti-Valentine's Day Show, Love Stinks, at least one 12" x 18" poster along with the a lot of 11" x 14" and 11" x 17" posters, plus a handful of random various sized prints and fliers and postcards. Again, they range from older posters for shows in Cleveland at the various venues like the Beachland, Grog Shop and Now That's Class, to Melt Special posters and more recent posters for Red 7 in Austin.

There are only 5 of these 4 of these left, and when they're gone they're gone. These are kind of big, so I'm only doing five sets. Only $20, plus $3 for shipping.

The Mighty Mac Strikes Back: Dec 2011 at Melt!

It's December again, so that means it's time again for our old pal the Macaroni Penguin o break out that scarf and brave the elements to have fun out in the cold weather and build up the hard earned hunger for a Mighty Macaroni Melt at Melt Bar and Grilled.

The Mighty Macaroni Melt is Creamy Homemade Macaroni & Cheese, Breaded and Fried To a Golden Brown, with MORE CHEESE, Choose your favorite! I've heard some amazing combinations like Pepper-Jack and then the Bacon Add-On, or Cream Cheese and Cheddar with the JalapeƱo Add-On (which is what I want to try once I finally get mine this December). You should definitely feel free to head over to the Melt Facebook Page and post your cheese/add-on combinations for all to see!

Tonight (which is pretty much over), and Tomorrow (Saturday Dec 3rd, 2011) The DUDEFATHER is on special as a cross promotion with Cleveland Cinema's annual screening of The Big Lebowski at The Cedar Lee. This sandwich is actually made up of items that are on the menu all the time! So fear not, if you can't get to Melt tomorrow, you can just order this whenever you're in the mood to smash a crazy huge sandwich!

This is one of the specials I've been most excited for this year. The Gizmo Chicken and Waffles Melt! Again, this is a tie-in with Cleveland Cinema's screening of Gremlins on December 17th at The Capitol Theatre, which... I dunno about you, but I think Gremlins is one of the best Holiday movie traditions this side of DIE HARD. At any rate, on the sandwich: Ultra Crispy Fried Chicken Breast, Fluffy Scratch Made Waffles, Pepper-Jack Cheese, served with Bourbon Maple Syrup Dipping Sauce and Melt's Signature Habanero Hot Sauce on the side.

This poster was actually really challenging to draw, gremlins, they're tough little guys. I had to watch the movie multiple times to get them right. I feel like while I was working on the poster I listened to an episode of Stop Podcasting Yourself where they talk about how Gremlins re just little guys that really really like to party, but I'm not entirely sure which episode it was. I do know that they just did a LIVE Episode, and it was one of the most incredibly hysterical things I've listened to in a long time.

Here's the desert card design for December. Continuing with the same characters from last month, I'm going to follow this path as far as it will take us. We're still in the getting to know you phase of the dessert crew though. Probably will be for a long time. Seriously though, Hot Cocoa Rice Krispie Treat Bred Pudding!

Thanks for reading, and keep checking back, I'll be trying to post more frequently!

Thursday, December 01, 2011


Another bonkers joint at RED 7 in Austin, Tejas. THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY is scrambling down there to play some shows. Bangaar is playing this one, this is the first I've ever heard of Black Congress, but if is any indication of anything then this band is fucking killer. Also playing: Weird Party, which also sounds like they're great. Handclaps and shit. So it looks like if you're on Earth... TODAY, Friday December 2nd, in 2011... Red 7 is where you want to be.

Got kind of obsessed with Zulu Warriors for a minute there a couple weeks ago, though I've always had a healthy love for them- I was pretty stoked on that episode of Deadliest Warrior where they pit Shaka Zulu up against William Wallace, which... y'know, it's not THAT scientific, and it's a pretty hokey show. That being said, I feel like an idiot the entire time I watch it, but I love that fucking show! It's pretty fun to watch, even when you can kind of tell that they maybe edit it to make the dudes that are showing how the weapons work and ...well, the experts... let's just say there's a lot of machismo involved, which is kind of unnecessary if you think about it. There's some episodes where I just want the opposing dudes to acknowledge how insane and awesome each others' weapons and tactics are. But, it is Spike TV so you get what you pay for. And I watch that shit for free on the internet, so... booyah. That being said the 1986 miniseries SHAKA ZULU is on Netflix "Play it NOW". I haven't finished it yet, but that's ten awesome hours of internet TV watching.

Anyway, I got a handful of Red 7 jams coming down the line, so if you're into dope shows and the promo for them... keep your web browser dialed to

Also, I should probably be posting a bunch of the other things I've been doing lately. A LOT of Melt jams, Lake Erie Monster updates and a fistful of loose madness. Also, updates at the Shiner Comics Big Cartel.