Friday, December 09, 2011

Mad Weapons

It's a Very Red 7 New Years Eve with Russian Circles, The Roller, Eagle Claw, and Boyfrndz! Kiss 2011 AD goodbye!

When I launched into this I knew for certain I didn't want to do anything ...Russian, or with circles. Also, it being N.Y.E., I wanted to do something eye-catching. This wasn't the moment to be subtle, not that I've been all that subtle over the past few batches of posters, but... y'know, sometimes it just needs to be taken to eleven. This, and the next few posters for shows in Austin, would happen to be some of those sometimes. Anyway, I started with this big ass robot not unlike other big ass robots I've done in the past. This quickly evolved into the last rough, with this primitive Shewolf rockin' mad weapons.

A lot of times I don't take my pencils this far, the refined. I usually keep them rough and then do a lot of the work in the inking stage, but this time around I opted to get more thorough and make sure everything was dope before I starting to ink.

Russian Circles is pretty goddamn good. I can think of a lot of worse ways to spend New Years Eve. Personally, my Ladybird and I will be watching the Lord Of The Rings Extended DVDs all in one sitting. Happy New Year, Gandolf!

I inked the living shit outta this with a brush, then went back in with a rapidly dying Micron .01 pen, then splattered it with a toothbrush. I'm overall pretty satisfied with how well the inks look. I like the fur and the way the robot is textured. I like these characters a lot. As with almost all of my posters, there's a story there somewhere, to be told. I did at one point have a narrative for the Shewolf character I had drawn in the past, vague intentions of a huge volume of pages that wander through that world and the moments that make up this character's reality- bouncing them off our own world and the balance between the microcosms of particular instances and the much much bigger picture of the long view, the grand scheme. The forest vs. the trees (or probably more accurately, a segment of the bark on one tree in the forest) so to say. Maybe some day, I'll make that comic? Someday, I suppose.

So, lastly, here's the lettering and splatters I used to create the textures and the splatters in the coloring stage. I was planning using this one as an example of the process of coloring, but then got carried away and forgot to take screen caps or save the file at various stages. Not that my process is all that informative or complicated, but... it's good to check in on that type of thing every now and again.

Well, I've spent way too long on this post already. I've been listening to the Drive Soundtrack as I've been typing this. Man, I know most people probably mostly love the pop jams, College song Real Hero, or Nightcall, which... great fucking jams, but the Cliff Martinez stuff on this one, the instrumental tracks... holy shit, this is good. Everything about that movie makes me super duper happy.

More coming soon. Two other Red 7 posters, Ten Imaginary Movies, and then some new comics!

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