Sunday, December 04, 2011


This piece will be in The Dog Days of December at Kollective Gallery, at 1908 S. Taylor in Cleveland Hts, opening Saturday December 10th, 2011. The show is a benefit for Secondhand Mutts, a great Cleveland dog adoption non-profit.

When I started this I knew I wanted to go bonkers on the details on the lady, and wanted to make it a multiple panel page layout, by design. Also, a dog, I was initially going to try and draw a different kind of dog, maybe a Rottweiler or Doberman, or some kind of huge Mastiff. As I was gunning for that and failing repeatedly, my confidence skinned it's knee and I opted for a wolfish character. I've drawn a lot of wolves in my day, so... that saved me a bunch of time that I then lost while inking like a lunatic. Not entirely sure where the name "Lucy" came from, other than it's short and fit on that heart shaped dog tag.

The finished piece is 9.5" x 16" brush and ink on poster board. I'm thinking about coloring this for the hell of it. Maybe do a limited print run and sell them to make some more loot for Secondhand Mutts?

Here's the link to the facbook event for the show: HERE. Kollective is a really awesome spot, it's also a tattoo shop. If you haven't been there, definitely check this show out, it's going to be pretty great, with contributions from a bunch of killer artists. PLUS, the main show in the gallery for December is the work of Hannah and Ian Petroni. I actually don't know anything about their work but I know both of them and they rule.

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