Friday, December 09, 2011

Spacefighter Z Comic by J. Kelly

Five copies of Spacefighter Z, Part One: The Final Report of The Dolly Five by J. Kelly are now available at the Shiner Comics Store. If you missed it's debut at this year's Genghis Con, now's your chance to get a copy of this sci-fi/horror masterwork!

Here's the first three pages:

For those new to the Spacefighter Z concept, it's part of the pantheon of ideas known as the Ten Imaginary Movies series of posters painted by J. Kelly. This series spawned an art exhibit where I, John G, created a multitude of fake ephemera for these imaginary films. This is the same project that our new horror comics anthology, The Lake Erie Monster, came from (more info on that, SOON!).

You can see more about the Ten Imaginary Movies at Kelly's blog, Pave The Ocean!

We'll be posting the Ten Imaginary Movies Poster Set in the Shiner Comics Store soon, so keep that interweb tuner clicked in right here for the latest signal broadcast faxes!

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