Thursday, December 01, 2011


Another bonkers joint at RED 7 in Austin, Tejas. THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY is scrambling down there to play some shows. Bangaar is playing this one, this is the first I've ever heard of Black Congress, but if is any indication of anything then this band is fucking killer. Also playing: Weird Party, which also sounds like they're great. Handclaps and shit. So it looks like if you're on Earth... TODAY, Friday December 2nd, in 2011... Red 7 is where you want to be.

Got kind of obsessed with Zulu Warriors for a minute there a couple weeks ago, though I've always had a healthy love for them- I was pretty stoked on that episode of Deadliest Warrior where they pit Shaka Zulu up against William Wallace, which... y'know, it's not THAT scientific, and it's a pretty hokey show. That being said, I feel like an idiot the entire time I watch it, but I love that fucking show! It's pretty fun to watch, even when you can kind of tell that they maybe edit it to make the dudes that are showing how the weapons work and ...well, the experts... let's just say there's a lot of machismo involved, which is kind of unnecessary if you think about it. There's some episodes where I just want the opposing dudes to acknowledge how insane and awesome each others' weapons and tactics are. But, it is Spike TV so you get what you pay for. And I watch that shit for free on the internet, so... booyah. That being said the 1986 miniseries SHAKA ZULU is on Netflix "Play it NOW". I haven't finished it yet, but that's ten awesome hours of internet TV watching.

Anyway, I got a handful of Red 7 jams coming down the line, so if you're into dope shows and the promo for them... keep your web browser dialed to

Also, I should probably be posting a bunch of the other things I've been doing lately. A LOT of Melt jams, Lake Erie Monster updates and a fistful of loose madness. Also, updates at the Shiner Comics Big Cartel.

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