Monday, August 31, 2009

Six oh Nine

Emmy cut my hair today. Cleaned me up nice. I still need to shave though, as per usual. Yes, I have a lot of gray hair. I am old. That's Emmy eating a pita chip. Sorry there are no cats in this photo.

In exchange for the haircut, I gave Emmy this drawing of a dead cowboy. My second of such, here's the first. I plan on coloring this one and making a post card out of it. If you want one, email me your address and I'll mail it to ya: jgritty (at) gmail (dot) com.

For the last haircut she gave me, I decided to redraw this Jim Lee Batman cover from issue #609:

Emmy really likes Batman, and she specifically showed me this image one time when we were comic shopping. Today we were listening to a mix CD I made for somebody, to check and make sure it doesn't suck before I give it to them. Emmy accidentally lost her Keelhaul virginity in the fray. She was saving it for seeing them live, but I didn't know that when a song off Triumphant Return to Obscurity came on and I cranked it up. Sorry Emmy.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One Dozen Arrows

Cleveland thrash metal band Midnight is playing at Red 7 in Austin, Texas. Also: Iron Age, Rat King, and
Mammoth Grinder.

I'm really liking this new western oriented phase I've been sorta brushing up against. I haven't seen a good western in a while, but I recently found this awesome Al Swearengen scene from Deadwood that resonates:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

This Pile of Skulls

As far as heavy music goes, Kylesa's Static Tensions is one of my favorite records so far this year. It kinda really reminds me of Disengage at times. That's a good thing. I know nothing about Saviours, but I think Red Fang might be totally awesome. You probably couldn't make a pot brownie big enough to get me into Lionize. Sorry dudes.

It's cool how people fucking flip out and love the living shit out of Converge. However, as maniacal as fanatics get about them, my motherfucking jam has always been High on Fire. I listen to The Art of Self Defense at least once a week, every week. I recently revisited Surrounded by Thieves, and it kills me how far out ahead of the pack these dudes were then.

Speaking of dudes way far out there ahead of the pack, KEELHAUL absolutely slayed on Friday. You can tell they've been touring, as the set was so tight and crafted from start to finish. Triumphant Return to Obscurity is absolutely fucking awesome. Grip that shit as soon as you can.

Here's the black and whites, if you were there on the 21st, or hit The Grog this week, you either gripped them, of still can probably grip prints of these. There weren't a lot. I didn't keep any, so... I dunno. Booya:

Speaking of being high on things like fire and pot brownies, I recently had a strange request. I was asked if I could draw on my friend's 16 year old niece's back brace that she has to wear after an injury sustained from a near fatal car crash. So, being a paraplegic, and having had to wear a back brace myself at one point (the second time I broke my back), I guess I kind of jumped to the conclusion that she was paralyzed in the accident. So, for two weeks I mentally prepared myself to talk to a girl who was newly paralyzed at about the same time in her life as when I initially broke my spine. It was a pretty strange feeling, and I was sort of slightly apprehensive. Not that I was worried about it, but I definitely felt odd. I thought a lot about that time for me; about returning to high school after and how that felt, how little I actually cared about it. I was pretty absorbed in relearning how to live my life and figuring out the parameters for everything. It's such a drastic change, depending on the circumstances.

Anyway, this friend and her niece were both getting tattoos/piercings, respectively, so we set up a time to do the drawing at a Tattoo Parlor, Addicted Body Art Studios, in Parma. Holy shit, I can't tell you how relieved I was when the niece showed up WALKING around in her back brace. It was so weird. I had built this tension in my mind and it turned out to be for nothing. Probably a question I should have asked in the beginning. Hell, my friend may have even TOLD ME she wasn't paralyzed and I maybe just didn't listen, due to being a dummy and hearing "near fatal car crash" all at once. I was so relieved that she's not paralyzed. What a trip.

The niece is a big Bob Marley fan, which I knew from my friend, so I drew this jam on the brace. Kind of a crummy blurry photo, but it's the one I got:

No, you're right. I'm a shitty photographer. I should really only be allowed to draw things. At all. Here's me and a cat in my lap in The Cave:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Died Young Stayed Pretty

This is a poster I made for a movie about MAKING POSTERS. Died Young Stayed Pretty is screening at The Cinematheque at CIA on Friday, Sept. 25th and Saturday, Sept. 26th, which... I can't believe I forgot to put the year on this poster. How am I gonna know future archeologists going to know this was in 2009 while they're sifting through the ashes of our long ago completely destroyed civilization when the time comes? Maybe they'll read this blog through some kinda of transdimentional gateway into the distant past? Also, what are they going to think of my primitive Photoshop coloring techniques?

Anyway, I'm pretty stoked to see this film. You should go. It'll be fun.

Here's a review done in poster form: Ward Sutton's Making The Case For Posters As Art.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Juice Tiger

So, here's a poster for Self Destruct Button's record release party. I have yet to hear the record yet, so I'm pretty pumped about this thing. Here's a review of Juice Tiger. Self Destruct Button killed at Compound Fest, so I'm sure this show will be goddamn great. Plus, I loves to see some Terminal Lovers and Gandhi SS. Those are Chicago Style Hot Dogs flying out of the backpack. Also, I dug deep for this unfortunate guy. And now his head is on fire.

Here's a slight glimpse into the process... the rough, the bird, the back ground, and my cat Rider chillaxing after a hard days nap:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Definitive Aliens

The one request was to include Timmy from The Human Eye, and make it weird. Is there a show This Moment in Black History isn't playing this season? The Deathers destroyed at Compound Fest, there's video:

That was filmed by Adam Harvey, of Blackheart Cleveland. There's shloads of other videos of Compound Fest, ON HIS CHANNEL. Also, on Lou Muenz's CHANNEL.

This show should be a lot of fun. You should probably go.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pancho y Emiliano

I bet this party is gonna be a blast. Mystery of Two, Founding Fathers, Uno Lady, Mosquito Bandito, Beardo Bandini, Krauty McKraut.

Also, the $5 is the cover. "Dinner" refers to special menu items that they don't usually have at the Beachland.

Man, do I love Westerns. I based the background on Monument Valley, which is where the greats filmed a lot of the best movies ever made. The two skeletal gentlemen are Mexican Revolutionaries Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata.


OCTOPI WELCOME: Community Shares is throwing a benefit BINGO! Party at Prosperity Social Club.

This is the original version with the Old School Cleveland semi-racist Chief Wahoo hat and messier text at the bottom. Had to make the changes though, these aren't punk rockers or metal heads. They're not even rappers I'm dealing with. These are normal average every day Normals. Also Known As: People I don't usually do work for. I'm glad I did though, because I love drawing octopi. I'm so used to working for people who either don't care what I do because they know my work and are excited for whatever happens, or the weirder and crazier and further I push myself, the better.

Stay tuned, I've got more coming this very day.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Systems

On the one hand, I feel like I'm repeating myself. On the other, I feel like you can never have enough posters of heavily tattooed females wielding weapons in a post-apocalyptic setting. Amps II Eleven, Cobra Verde, Hot Rails, and Little Sister. Happy Birthday, Chernus.

Sound of Young America has this interview with Greg Kot of Sound Opinions is pretty great, but the part I'm most interested in the parts where he talks about how in the music business, the old systems are done. This is something I've been thinking about a lot lately, as much of the graphic art and comics businesses pretty much share this scenario with the music industry. It's time for new systems.

I wish I could say I've thought about this to the point of knowing what any of those new systems would be or how they would work, but I haven't. It's a strange time to be alive and making your way through the world. It feels like everything is up for grabs.

Here's a great Planet Money podcast that talks about a previous system, in 12th Century Burgandy.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wonder Lust

I know the term is technically "Wanderlust", but I like to thing "Wonder Lust" is also a thing. The thing that makes rainbows.

This was a commissioned gift for some special lady from her special sister. This is what you get when you pay me to draw. The message was: "Can you do something with a Mentzendorf Trailer and a Ten Speed?" I had no clue what a Metzendorf Trailer was, so of course I said: "Consider it done." Now, in this case I happened to know the person the gift was for, so I was able to dip into my own experience to come up with subtle touches I knew she would like, but that familiarity wasn't too involved in the final outcome. I did my research and found out all about Metzendorf Trailers, then started to draw. So, there ya have it. That's how it's done. I've been super busy with the posters lately, really, too busy. However, I should be able to squeeze in any more of this type of thing if anybody is interested. especially if you can give me a week or more to get it done.

Again, if you're waiting for something from me, it's probably well on it's way. Hold fast. You're next.

I'm going to use this post to talk about something very near and dear to my heart, and that something is a Samurai movie called When The Last Sword is Drawn. It's currently up on, and it's a goddamned amazing film. I watched it a couple years ago when I was obsessed with Samurai movies, and just re-watched it. On second viewing, the end drags slightly, but the payoff is there in the final scene. It's such a great great movie. I dunno how long that wil be up there, so take the time and feast your eyes.

I think I may actually sleep tonight... maybe.


has a new record coming out in a couple weeks. Let me rephrase that: KEELHAUL HAS A NEW RECORD COMING OUT IN A COUPLE WEEKS.

The Gluttons and Doktor Bitch are also playing.

Gauntlet of Truth

Davis from Gandhi SS requested the use of graphic elements derived from the names of the bands playing this show. I usually don't like literal flyers, it's just way too easy, but I think is is possible to do these things right. Hopefully I pulled it off. At any rate, I was definitely not gonna draw Gandhi, The Mahatma, with a swastika armband, then I forgot to change the SS logos to white. Anyway, I really really like Gandhi, y'know, as a dude. That guy knew what was up.

For This Moment in Black History, I decided to bring back the Gauntlet of Truth version of Obama from this old flyer. I think this is All Dinosaurs, like, 4th show. I don't know much about Methodist, they are from Brooklyn.

I have a bunch more posters on my desk, so if you're one of the people waiting for one of them, hang tough, they're on their way.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Make it Sweet

To be completely honest, I'm not really a fan of Gil Mantera's Party Dream or This is a Shakedown!, they're not really my cup of disco flavored tea. However, I do love to eat CAKE and ICE CREAM SUNDAES. I probably should stop drawing food oriented posters, I always get so hungry while working on them.

So the series of posters from The Rock Hall's Summer Sessions is finally done. This summer has been pretty crazy so far. As much as I'm loving it, I'm pretty stoked for this fall. Big news on the horizon.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Big Fat Gyro Melt!

The special in August at Melt Bar & Grilled:


Seasoned Slow Roasted Beef and Lamb Meat

Traditional Tzatziki Cucumber Yogurt Sauce

Fresh Tomato and Sweet Onions

Rich Feta and Creamy Muenster Cheese

Vegetarians and Vegans Rejoice!!

An incredible Vegetarian / Vegan version is available with in-house made seitan gyro "meat" and vegan Tzatzaki sauce!

The drawing is of a sculpture of Ancient Greek Gods Zeus and Hera, but I added the sandwich in Hera's hand to bring home the spirit of the times, and that spirit is FOOD.

In preparation for this poster I read up a little on the history of the gyro. There was a totally weird article in the New York Times about how the gyro came to be an American institution.