Friday, July 13, 2012

Civility and Decent Behavior

Just wanted to post up here about something that needs to be posted up here about. ALL DINOSAURS are releasing their second full length LP, Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior, and I assure you it is, indeed, an epic rock n' roll masterpiece. I wrote that on the poster, they didn't ask me to do that. I took the initiative, because I believe it, because it's true. I've been listening to this record for weeks now, and it's really really goddamn good. Oh, and I drew the back cover. I'll post about that later.

To celebrate the release of this record, All Dinosaurs is playing a show with Two Hand Fools, and Natural Disasters at The Beachland Tavern at 9pm on Saturday July 28th, 2012. I'm pretty proud of the poster for this one. It's another comic page layout and I think that works really well for these type of events. There's so much text and info to convey, and there's no better, no cooler way to convey info with text and images than comic book pages. Here's the line art:

Speaking of line art, to raise some of the money to cover the cost of putting out this record, All Dinosaurs has launched a Kickstarter campaign with some pretty bad ass incentive s. Though the campaign has already met it's goal of $1,500 and raised enough pledges to cover their butts on this- it would be really awesome to see them surpass that goal by a LOT and be able to do even better things beyond just pressing the record.

The way I see this kickstarter campaign in particular is more of a way to pre-order something you want, and were going to buy anyway, with the added bonus of being able to get even more cool stuff for your hard earned dollar. At the $20 level you will get the vinyl LP AND an all new print that I'm doing exclusively for the people that are buying in on this, limited to JUST THE PEOPLE THAT PLEDGE TO THIS KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN. That's right, that's it, that's the ONLY WAY to get this print. I will print only as many as are ordered and no more! It looks like more people are pledging at the $25 level, where you get the vinyl edition of this record, plus the vinyl edition of All Dinosaurs' first record, and this limited exclusive print. That's the jam right there, especially if you don't already have Paranoid Indigenous.

If your pockets run a little deeper than that, there's a couple other levels I'd like to draw your attention to. Firstly, at the $150 level there's the opportunity to acquire one of two of my original drawings (this is why I said "speaking of line art") and the record. The two drawings up for grabs are the artwork from the poster I drew for All Dinosaurs' first record release show, and the line art for the poster I did for the show where they premiered the music video for "Castle of Uncle Robert" by Turnstyle Films.

Here's a photo of the first original. Both originals are ink drawings on an 11" x 17" Bristol boards. Very easily frame-able.

Here's the second OG. This one, again, is in the style of a comic book page layout. It's got a drawing of an alpaca on it. Look at that alpaca!

There's also the $180 level, where you will get the original art from the exclusive limited edition print. I'm going to post about this again in the next couple days. I'll post the art and a little rant about All Dinosaurs and some other shit.

Either way, if you go for one of the limited print levels, or are interested in one of these originals, I think it's a pretty great opportunity to grab this incredible record and help out some really awesome, hardworking dudes. It's really really cool that the goal has been met, but I want to emphasize that you can still get in on this, and every dollar helps. I know there's a tendency to sleep on these kinds of things, or plan to pledge or think about doing it later... then it's the last day and then you miss out completely. Don't do that this time.

ALSO: This same night! At Blue Arrow Records right down the street! The Lake Erie Monster #2 release party! I know I barely have to really rap about this because every body reading this is already going to this. Head over to for more details! And HYPE!