Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Corny Beast!

So, hell to the yes: The Corny Beast! April is Melt-On-A-Stick Month at MELT. The Corny Beast is Melt's version of a Corn Dog. It's a Super Jumbo All Beef Fresh Made Hot Dog with Extra Melty American Cheese, Corn Bread battered and fried golden brown, served on a stick with spicy chepotle ketchup. I had one of these the other day and it rocked my world! The other specials are Grilled Cheese on a Stick, which I think is the same as The Beast minus the Dog! I think Fried Twinkies might also be on special, cause I know they're On-A-Stick!


Daniel Higgs!! From Lungfish! Playing a show at Now That's Class with Scarcity of Tanks, Wooden Skin and Bill Nace!

Still working on the poster for the 30th. Why not? Yesterday I had to bust my ass on something more important. SO, anyway, there's that. Also: I just burned the roof of my mouth. Fuck, that sucks.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Climactic Battle Trip

Another goddamn Triptych. I love doing these, and I'm pumped about closing out the month with such a long tumultuous piece, but goddamn... I blame it on Jim Lee, for his gatefold X-Men covers. Formative years looking at that stuff probably ruined me forever. My favorite, then not so favoite:

OKAY, on to the details:

Pterodactyl from Brooklyn NY. I like this band a lot. Equally awesome Flat Can Co is the odd man out this show. I don't know anything about Houseguest or Safari.

Gunslingers from France, y'know, in Europe? Terminal Lovers has an All Star line up this tour. Gandhi SS is a Cleveland Lottery League band. Really great stuff. I think this show will kick ass.

I'm DJing the Brunch at the Beachland Tavern this Sunday. You should come and have breakfast with the hungover people you just saw wasted on Saturday night. Especially if you Like High on Fire and Dr. Dre.

So, this is almost done. ONE more poster, for next Monday, and I'll have done a month solid of flyers and posters. I have so much more work to do, it's not even funny.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Back Issue Sale at ASTOUND! in Westlake, Ohio! The conclusion to Flyer Month. I still have 4 more posters to go, but this is for the 31st so it's the last page, the end. I'll save posting my thoughts on the month until AFTER it's really over, but yeah... here's the 31st.

ASTOUND! is a great comic shop. It's small but clean and well organized. They usually have a ton of oddball weirdo small press and indy stuff, as well as the big commercial industry flag ships. In addition, and more importantly in regards to this poster: they've got this huge hallway of back issues of all kinds in the back. I was able to almost completely fill my BPRD and Hellboy back issue runs from those boxes. I'll probably be there next Tuesday digging through the Hellblazers or some shit.

ANOTHER THING: ASTOUND! carries SHINER COMICS and my other zines like Caveman Diaries and Heat Seeking Crash Lander, so if you've always wanted to check them out but kinda sorta really wanted to just pay 20% less for them... NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!

Bitchiz Git Stitchiz

What's not to love about Bela Dubby? Coffee, Beer, CAKE, WiFi... and on Tuesdays? Stichin' n' Bitchin'. I made two versions, like Hot Mess, this happens every week. So there's that:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wizard Beard, BMX

So in my weirdo story logic, this Wizard motherfucker can turn his staff into a BMX bike so he can ride around drinking a 40 oz. of Tall Ivan.

Year of The Beard, I think I've posted about it before. It's this kid Andy growing his beard... for a year. He's blogging to raise money for the Domestic Violence Center of Greater Cleveland. I feel for him man, I've been growing mine for like, five months and as awesome as it is to have a wicked beard, it's getting completely annoying... especially now that it's getting warmer out. I think it might be time for this thing to go... here:

Took this what Photo Booth. So it's a mirror image of reality! Here's another starring my cat, Rider. He's got a white mustache:

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Thursday the 26th of Flyer Month. Cleveander Bobby Womack nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, housed here in Cleveland. Here's a pretty good interview from 99, from Fresh Air on NPR.

I don't know how accurate of a portrait of Womack this is. I used a lot of reference, but didn't want to just redraw a famous record cover or head shot or whatever. I knew that I wanted to feature his trademark big ass sunglasses. The reflection of the Cleveland skyline was just something I thought would be too obvious but then decided ...fuckit, why not? Here's the black and white line art:

Jesus Saves

I don't know if it can get more divergent than today's poster for Flyer Month. A Sale at a Christian book store in ALABAMA. My little sister Christine is the manager of this Life Way in Oxford, Alabama. ALABAMA. I needed to fill this day so I asked if she needed anything. I as way too late to have gotten her copies for the sale, but I couldn't pass up the idea of drawing Jesus reading. He's reading Ulysses, by the way.


Here's a side by side with the two dudes:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hot Mess

Flyer Month
scraping along the third week, uphill, in the dark. I've done work for One Night Stan at Lava before and loved it. So I knew I wanted to have Hot Mess be a part of this project. The catch is that Hot Mess is EVERY WEEK. So I did two versions. One specific to the date I needed it to fit my project. Then...

Another non-specific one.

I had fun drawing that logo, just kinda made it up as I was drawing. I think that kind of design might be better served by using instruments to make measurements and calculate the angles and all that shit. But I just eyeballed it. I dunno, it came out good. I may redo it using math, vectors... just so when I use that style again I'll know better what I'm doing and can get more intricate and weird. Possibly less legible.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cicli Polito

So, I drew this giant 9 foot square backdrop for my dude The Don, Dan Polito. He hand builds custom bicycle frames here in Cleveland under the name Cicli Polito. He took this to the NAHBS 2009 show in Indianapolis on Feb 27th through March 1st. The Don wanted to base his display on this famous old photo of Fausto Coppi:

Here's a pic of the thing at the NAHBS, starring Daily Goff blogger, Laura Long:

Congrats to The Don! Cicli Polito took home the trophy for Best in Show for one of his frames:

I got this from Momentum Magazin's Flickr account. I like this photo because it's good, and I also designed the initial Sun God logo on his shirt. Not the cartoon cat part of it, but the lettering of that logo.

Here We Draw For KEEPS.

LoVid, I think from New York, but I'm not sure. Cool weird stuff. Theodore Vril, Ear/Control, Chief Bromide. Should be a good show.

Drew the art for this on a piece of totally inferior art board. I usually use a really good heavy smooth Bristol board, but ran out and they were out of exact in I like at the art supply store so I went with some cheap-o bullshit I grabbed a while back. The idea was to use this stuff for a 24 Hour Comic, and not have to worry about fucking up good boards. Turns out this garbage would be perfect for that, but totally infuriating for trying to do what I do when I do what I do. This ain't a game, son. Here we draw for KEEPS.

EDIT: I just noticed I spelled Theodore without the "e" at the end. Fuck. Well, 20-some posters into Flyer Month and one uncaught error... I'll take it.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Flyer Month is double dribbling through week motherfucking three. The Cavs vs Magic. I haven't really given too much of a shit about Pro Sports or Basketball or The Cavs, ever. But listening to Defend Cleveland on WRUW 91.1 FM kinda got me pumped on The Cavs. Mike James, the host/producer/DJ(?) of the show really really LOVES talking about this stuff and you can hear how much he cares about it.

As a sidebar, I dunno if it's because this poster is for a PRO SPORTS EVENT and thematically it's the type of thing that naturally leads to this, but... man this is the most phallic oriented and homoerotic jam I'm pulled out in a while. That sword? That wand? The outfits? Hell Yeah.

Pet Skunks

Flyer Month rolls on. I'm not gonna give up on this, but goddamn do I not want to do it anymore. This poster is a LIE. I did not get Ten Hours of Sleep. Had fun drawing a logo for my apartment though.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cheesus Saves

White Mice, Tusco Terror, Pimlo, Zyklus II! I imagine a move where I trick a bunch of scientists who experiment on lab mice all day every day into coming to this show and getting them all pumped to see a band with songs about the importance of science and then kill the lights and slam the door, locking them in as The White Mice get to ripping. It's the loudest most insane shit you'll ever hear, and then you realize it's three GIANT GNARLY MICE playing this shit. Covered in blood! I love this band so much. I've got a 20 other ideas for White Mice posters. Can't wait to use some more of them.

Blue Blood

Child Bite, from Detroit. Hot Rails and Living Stereo from Cleveland. Then there's Stimulus Package, one of the Cleveland Lottery League bands that actually stayed together after the Big Show. This is the release show for their debut 7". Go to the show, have fun, get the 7"!

I've been slowly updating my profile at gigposters.com, HERE. So if you're interested, and want to look through a lot of my older flyers and posters, there's that.



This show should be relatively fucking huge. Converge has those rabid ass fans. If I had my game on I'd be one of those poster dudes that could screen print the living shit out of a poster for this thing. But I'm just a humble maniac trying to draw a poster for every day of the month. Like that?

Mother Bear vs Demon Beast. It's the 25th, so there's still some posters that need to happen in the narrative before this. Still... I'm super pumped to be over half way through the month. I've been feeling wicked discouraged, not that I've ever thought to give up on this, but I can already see a lot of the ways I would have done this differently if I had thought to plan it out. It would have been fun to have an online calendar where people could have signed up for specific dates and seen what was filled in by who. Then when the poster was done I could have posted the image in the date? Something like that to create a level of interactivity. Also, I should have plotted out the narrative way in advance and gotten a lot of these posters done weeks ago. That was a misstep, huge misstep.

I'm already getting jobs for shows in April and May and I still have a lot of work for Caveman Diaries 6 to do... I'm totally swamped, dogg! THIS IS AWESOME.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Six for the Price of One

Flyer Month continues, drew all these at once. Feel bad some of these shows are like, tonight and tomorrow. Not much for promo time. Anyway... yeah:

Friday, March 06, 2009

We're Here For Your Bacon and Eggs

Motherfucking DIPTYCH for the 8th and 9th as the Flyer Month rolls on. I like Brunch at The Beachland. Es muy bueno.

Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT the same Wizard as my homie in the SCALPLES piece of yesteryear, but just a close relative.

Happy Birthday, Kevin! The poster doesn't say who Kevin is, but it's the Kevin of Team Music Saves.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Mr. Eko

So, yeah, next piece in the Month is for LOST night at The Matinée, this time the Cleveland one. I love LOST but haven't seen any of this new season yet. I dunno, something about being too busy to catch that show. I really dug the scene with Mr. Eko standing his ground with the smoke monster. What was that? Season 2??

Day Late...

Flyer Month continues strong with a day late posting this piece. Didn't really have an event for this, but my dude Tim moved to Longbeach yesterday. At least, he left today. I'm sure he'll thrive out in California. On Tim's right shoulder, I'm the devil, clearly. On his left is The Archangel Aaron Bostrom, our buddy we used to ride with. Tim's moving in with him out there. It's probably a good time to move out west. It's fucking 12˚ here. Fuckin' Cleveland.