Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Universal Horrorist

These posters were all for the same event. Halloween at Lava Lounge. I've always really loved the Universal Horror movies. I actually caught The Mummy staring Karloff The Uncanny at The Cinematheque in early October.

I don't think it's widely known, but Universal made a Spanish version of Dracula with Spanish speaking actors at the same time as they filmed the Bela Lugosi classic. It's the exact same script and the exact same sets, but the costumes are slightly different, especially the female lead's dress. It's got a deep neckline, really risque for 1930. They apparently hadn't figured out dubbing and everybody wanted to see "talkies", even the huge Spanish audience. So, anyway, I like it almost more than the Lugosi jam, it's awesome. And for a dude trying to learn Español, it's almost watchable without subtitles. Most of the dialogue is simple and slow enough to decode.

I think Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein are the best of those old movies, in large part due to Director James Whale being a motherfucking genius. But, Creature From The Black Lagoon is pretty goddamn dope. The first Wolf man is really strong too, definitely Lon Cheney Jr.'s finest hour. I can not BELIEVE I forgot to do an Invisible Man. I feel like a total ass right now.

Halloween night I hung out at my buddy Tim's house in bay Village to pass out Candy. Not ONE SINGLE CHILD came by to Trick or Treat. We sat there with his lady friend and her friend for a piece, but then they left and we ended up watching IRON MAN. Personally, I loved it! I liked it even more than The Dark Knight. I mean, well, it's a close race, I gotta see Dark Knight again, but yeah... Iron Man... Then I went home, drank some NyQuil and passed the fuck out. Been fighting a fierce cold, so... there's that, Happy Halloween!

I rolled passed Lava the night of this party and two of the hottest chicks I've ever seen in my life in were crossing Auburn to hit that spot while I was driving up. Just these gorgeous statuesque black girls in mini-skirts and heals and fishnets. Place looked packed too. I decided I had no business going in and ruining the good times with my presence and ended up wrecking shit with Tim at The Matinée instead.

Halloween. It's like the ultimate excuse for girls to dress as slutty as they can possibly manage. I like The Matinée but I seriously just felt like I was an obstruction. Just a big scary guy totally in the way. I realized I really have no business leaving The Cave. My life should revolve around watching old movies and drawing things for the pretty people to look at so they know where to go to look pretty together, then I'll be taking their money.

Now that I'm looking at all these there definitely NEEDS to be an Invisible Man one too. Fuck it, I'm on that shit. Invisible Man was also directed by James Whale. Starred Claude Rains! I think of all the Universal Horrors the Invisible Man series held up the best. The Invisible Woman? The Invisible AGENT??? That shit slays The Mummy's Hand or The House of Dracula or any of that other campy stuff.

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