Thursday, November 06, 2008

Poster Apocalypse

Here's a bunch of my recent posters. I'm going to set them up in reverse chronological order because one of them already happened and it was a banger.

Presented by the mighty friends at Music Saves, Marnie Stern is playing the Beachland Tavern. Her new ridiculously titled record "THIS IS IT AND I AM IT AND YOU ARE IT AND SO IS THAT AND HE IS IT AND SHE IS IT AND IT IS IT AND THAT IS THAT" is fucking phenomenal. I hope she's playing with a backing band on this tour. I'm really stoked for this show.

Dynamite Club with Cave Bear and The Invincible VIGATRON at Now That's Class! I'm stoked about how the colors came out on this.

Skullface is back again. This show is part of a series that Matt Wascovich of Slow Toe has been putting on. I misspelled Koenig and Klimek. Sorry guys! Originally I was just gonna print this in black and white, but opted to color at the last minute. I haven't had the chance to see any of these gigs, but I'm stoked on the series. This one and the next two look like they're gonna be really good.

Double Dagger was awesome. I'm short on time so I'll update this post later, but I'm super happy with this poster, and the reactions I got from it. Thanks to everybody who shouted at me.

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Anonymous said...

man john, you are really hitting your stride. awesome stuff.