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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Champagne of Fests III

Champagne of Fests III, on Saturday May 9th and Sunday May 10th at Now That's Class. I'll add a list of the bands and links to them at the end of this post.

The Fest dudes are getting this poster screen printed on 17" x 22" matte black card stock. I know they'll have them for sale at the show but I'm not entirely sure on any of the final details, but it will be a signed and numbered edition of 75. I'll update later as soon as I know full details.

Zippy, one of the organizers, laid out the text and gave me a mock-up, so that made things real easy, he knew what he wanted so I was able to just focus on making that as bad ass as I could manage. Here's his text, the line up for early online promo:

He told me he wanted the piece to be along the same lines as the Cleveland Lottery League's Big Show poster I did, with instead of people playing, just a giant mess of various synths, electronics and cables and wires. I think he wanted the page to be filled with the background to create more of a texture than an actual discernible image. I liked the idea, but I came up with this other idea that could give the text more of a platform. I didn't want to obscure the text at all, and with this much information I wasn't sure how that would all play out.

Zippy wasn't into the buildings and trees, but thought smoke stacks with pollution pouring out would look better. So I made the changes and got to drawing. It took a long time to do this piece; just tedious planning and then making intricate changes as I came upon things that needed touching up. It's definitely fun to challenge yourself to reign it in and make things tight. I drew the bigger lines with a brush and ink, then attacked the details with the microns.

Because this was going to be screen printed a lighter color on black, I went and actually just turned all the white that I needed to a color and cut out all the line art, then placed that on an all black background. Here's full the image without text:


Krallice is probably the band I'm most looking forward to. They're headed out west to tour with Wolves in The Throne Room!
Sword Heaven from Columbus.
Telecult Powers is a band with Steve from Yeti Scalp and one awesome design maniac.
Cotton Museum, live.
Ryan Jewell, another Columbus person.
Sick Llama, another Michigan person.
Tusco Terror, from Akron I think
Clan of The Cave Bear, starring Daryl Hanna
Fluxmonkey, awesome homemade weirdness by Bbob Drake.
Tiger Hatchery, I couldn't find a link to, good for them!
Mammoth, I think is Chris Smith from Keelhaul
Fragments, is a noise duo I think... I think I saw them last December.
Fallin Rock is Michael Pultz from Radio Dystopia, Blk Tygr, Semper Fi
Andrew Krishner, AKA Tooth.

Crystal Antlers, I saw play at Now That's Class last year sometime and it was so much fun. They played in the bar and the place was pretty crowded, shit want haywire pretty thoroughly.
Emeralds, really looking forward to seeing them play. Their recordings are fucking dope.
Realicide is another band I'm really pumped to see even though I'm not nearly angry enough anymore.
Land of Buried Treasure I'm pretty sure this is the first Land of Buried Treasure show in years.
Aaron Dilloway has a wikipedia page... who knew?
Skin Graft is one of my favorite dudes to see, real good shit.
Jason Zeh, from Bowling Green
KBD, from Toledo (ouch)
The Flat Can Co. for the older folks.
Self Destruct Button I don't think has played a show this year yet, so... awesome!
Pimlo, ex-Steve Dracula
Anal Cheetahs was a Lottery League band that is keeping it real. I'm stoked they're playing.
Blisse, Roxanne from JJ Magazine = RULES
E.E, some young dude from Akron

This Fest is going to be bonkers. I can't wait to see Krallice.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The opening/release party at Front Room Gallery last Friday was off the hook. Big thanks to everyone who came out! I moved a buncha zines! Vigatron tore it up half A CAPPELLA, Dan Friel was awesome, Cave Bear tore it back down.

Justin from Cleveland Bachelor has a pretty sweet write up about it, with some cellular telephone photographs. Thanks Justin!

Front Room decided to extend the show from that one night only to the rest of the month through May 9th! I'll be there on Saturdays from 1-4. Come visit and see this stuff. I have a ton of the promo posters still, forgot to give them away at the opening, so if anybody wants one, I'll have them at the gallery for free or just email me, and I'll send it to ya. Anywhere en los Estados Unidos.

It's this one:

I still have about a dozen or so copies of Caveman Diaries Vol. 6 Limited Front Room Edition left. Right now you can only get them at Front Room, or if you want to arrange to get one from me. They're gonna be gone though, and then that's it! I'll post more about the actual zine later.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Live in The Doom Sounds

This is the cover art to Caveman Diaries Vol. 6 (Limited Front Room Edition). Release Party is Friday at Front Room.

I really really like this podcast, The Memory Palace. Short, well written, well spoken pieces about cool stuff you never knew or forgot about. Really good series, check it out!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Rise From Your Grave!

Beast in the Field, Ganon, local bangers The Great Flood, and Everybody Goes to Hell (Green dropped off the bill). A Doom show. I love Doom Metal.

Decided to go with some new characters. I felt like branching out again for the next few I've got that are all for heavy ass rock shows. The other night I was talking to somebody about how awesome the game Altered Beast was for Sega Genesis. I had pretty much already laid this out with a werewolf-esque dude in the foreground, but when it came time to throw down the final I opted to alter the beast into a more primitive feral big cat type buster. The Blue Big Tittie Tattooed Military Babe, or BBTTMB, was sort of inspired by watching the first half of the episodes of Generation Kill, that HBO show by the dudes that made The Wire. I wasn't sold on Generation Kill until maybe the third episode or so... it's a staggering piece of television, but possibly easy to dismiss because its both harsh and kind of got this slightly brash lackadaisical vibe that washes over the big picture. Definitely worth giving it the chance to get into it.

Man, I love drawing. This took my a lot longer to draw than it should have, but it twas worth it. The Devil's in the Details:

Seriously, look how Doomed out this is:

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Caveman Diaries Vol. 6 logo, pretty fun to draw. Drawing, it's fun.

Here's a preview of some of the other texts elements from the zine:

Back to the drawing board. So much work!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Call to Arms

Can't believe I forgot to post this until just now. April 18th: 9 Volt Haunted House, Chief Bromide, Rafeeq vs De Lo Fi, Kid Tested ...Now That's Class!

Monday, April 06, 2009


Caveman Diaries Vol. 6

Over 80 color pages collecting over 60 of John G's flyers and posters from over the past two years of shows in Cleveland and beyond. There's a definite arc of development from beginning to end. Movements and phases. Mathematics and magicks. Theories in practice. From early 2007 to early 2009. Challenging all villains, especially massive antagonistic nemeses. Doing integral alchemy requires intensified elemental sciences. In addition there's plenty of other non-flyer illustrations, sketches, writings, and weirdo photo-copied ephemera.

There will be a special Release Party only limited edition for the show, signed and numbered with an original drawing included in each. Musical performances by the following begin at 8PM:

Dan Friel is an analogue electronics mad scientist for the people. His soundscapes invoke atmospheric cinema while delight beams fly about among the students.

Clan of The Cave Bear is from a Nuclear Zone in 2210 A.D. where they battle for Continent Bonuses by means of Mutual Non-Agression Pacts, Land Death Traps, and Full Blown Instrumental Prog Metal.

Vigatron, the Godking of EC! Rapping funny deep sharp intelligence coupled with heaping helpings of charisma and consummate professional showmanship, Vigatron kicks the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us Godking!

FRONT ROOM GALLERY is at 3615 Superior in Building 42. It's right on E. 36th just off Superior. Definitely come early and then stay for the music.

Nine Panel Grid

Week late and a million colors short. I knew I wanted to do at least one of these "spot color on black and white" pieces as part of the Flyer Month. Knew I wanted to do a poster for Nine Panel Grid in there along with the events and other fun goofy stuff. I just got busy doing other things before I could get to this!

Another slight mirror image move, like the Nunslaughter/Jesus Reading posters. Me sleeping, slain Devil:

So, here it is. The Flyer Month:

As proud as I am that I actually finished this, and that I didn't really phone any of them in, I still feel like I dropped the ball on a lot of this work. Firstly, it should have been called "Poster Month", people like posters way more than flyers (also, it's actually spelled "flier" not "flyer", but I care not). Some of these didn't get out there or printed until the actual DAY OF the shows that they were promoting. Some, I don't even think were ever even seen! So, there's that. Then, there was the fact that while I was doing this project I had to simply put other things on the back burner. That kinda sucks. Now I'm scrambling to catch up a little. So if and when I do this again I'm going to book the month way in advance, try out some more interactive elements, and get started way before the month starts so I can keep other things moving at the same time. On the positive side, I learned I have a capacity for work like I never even expected. I made a few artistic breakthroughs I wasn't expecting either. This project also forced me to get my ass out there, and talk to and work with people I hadn't done so with before. I got a MONTHLY POSTER gig at Melt! I took a look around the city and feel like this project cut a huge cross section of the month's activity. Even if I'm not taking part in all that activity. I'm proud of the people I do work for and stoked that I can be a part of it.

I'll announce soon where and when I'll be having a showcase and book release for the Flyer Month collection. It's in the works. Until then I've got some other stuff to announce later today too!

Thanks Everybody,
John G

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gorilla Jam

Amps for Christ (Henry Barnes from Man is The Bastard), Sikhara (some international nomadic tribal percussion project), Harms Way Fayre (Dave Cintron & Co.), Channels (Stephe DK & Co.).

Really happy with this one. While I was searching for good gorilla refs I found this happy guy:

Look how pumped he is! Made my day.