Monday, April 06, 2009

Nine Panel Grid

Week late and a million colors short. I knew I wanted to do at least one of these "spot color on black and white" pieces as part of the Flyer Month. Knew I wanted to do a poster for Nine Panel Grid in there along with the events and other fun goofy stuff. I just got busy doing other things before I could get to this!

Another slight mirror image move, like the Nunslaughter/Jesus Reading posters. Me sleeping, slain Devil:

So, here it is. The Flyer Month:

As proud as I am that I actually finished this, and that I didn't really phone any of them in, I still feel like I dropped the ball on a lot of this work. Firstly, it should have been called "Poster Month", people like posters way more than flyers (also, it's actually spelled "flier" not "flyer", but I care not). Some of these didn't get out there or printed until the actual DAY OF the shows that they were promoting. Some, I don't even think were ever even seen! So, there's that. Then, there was the fact that while I was doing this project I had to simply put other things on the back burner. That kinda sucks. Now I'm scrambling to catch up a little. So if and when I do this again I'm going to book the month way in advance, try out some more interactive elements, and get started way before the month starts so I can keep other things moving at the same time. On the positive side, I learned I have a capacity for work like I never even expected. I made a few artistic breakthroughs I wasn't expecting either. This project also forced me to get my ass out there, and talk to and work with people I hadn't done so with before. I got a MONTHLY POSTER gig at Melt! I took a look around the city and feel like this project cut a huge cross section of the month's activity. Even if I'm not taking part in all that activity. I'm proud of the people I do work for and stoked that I can be a part of it.

I'll announce soon where and when I'll be having a showcase and book release for the Flyer Month collection. It's in the works. Until then I've got some other stuff to announce later today too!

Thanks Everybody,
John G

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Mr. Hawthorne said...

Pure fucking madness! This stuff is so awesome, dude! Almost as awesome as your beard! ;)