Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pink vs. Green

This poster is the second part of a trip tic I'm working on for three shows on the weekend of the 21st:

More later.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Nullified Punkass Gnomes

Still really busy. Going to have a bunch of new stuff to post this week, I hope. It's snowing like crazy here right now. Kinda pretty. As long as it doesn't stick.

First things first: Here's that piece I was working on, all colored up... not sure exactly how I feel about it, but I am definitely landing on the positive side of th fence.

This should probably be a huge announcement type thing, but I'm feeling more like keeping it close to the chest, whatever that means.

SHINER Number One is out and about. SHINER is a comics anthology I've been putting together with Kevin Fagan for a while. The first issue has stories from the two of us, and our friend George McDougall. I've posted some preview pages up at

The issue is currently available at ASTOUND! in Westlake, Ohio. I'll bee gettingg into some other area stores this week though, so stay tuned for new info on that. The plans for the second issue are already totally in full swing, so I'll be posting about that too.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Negating Past Grievances

I've got a bunch of stuff on my table that needs to get done, because it NEEDS to get DONE. So if you're waiting for a poster or something from me, then you won't be waiting long. I'm on it.

Hit two really good art openings last week. The first was at CPA's spot over in Ohio City. Ryan Jeanky and Paul Rogers put a bunch of stuff up, and it all looked killer. Really fun opening, too. It was odd, on a Thursday night and started at 5:30. Still, good show. Friday night was Paul Sydorenko's opening at Asterisk in Tremont. I'm not collected enough to write about it at the moment, but I will say it's a really really fucking great show. The opening was really fun too. I haven't really been going out at all, and this was a nice mid-shitty-winter reminder that people are doing good things and kicking ass and just because the weather is particularly detrimental to your mental health doesn't mean it's the end of the world, even if it feels that way.

Here's a drawing, working on the colors:

The Shiner Monks have published SHINER Number One, but we're just about all out of the initial printing. We'll be printing more with a formal announcement very very soon.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ninja Picky Gremlins

I'm about to start, already, the fourth week of my second semester back at school. Right now I'm in Elementary Spanish II and Multimedia (which is a class in Flash). I begin taking my other two classes, History of South Asia and Intro to American Cinema, on February 19th. Being back in school actually makes me feel kind of really stupid. I think it's the idea that the stuff I'm learning in my classes feels like stuff I should already know. Like I should already be fluent in Spanish, and be a wiz at Flash animation. That's obviously an idiotic thing to think, but for whatever reason, I can't shake it. I think that's just how it is, and how it will be. No matter how much I learn, I'll probably always feel like I should know more.

I think I posted before about how I've been watching a shitload of movies lately. Seriously devouring movies, via both the Avon Lake Public Library and Netflix. My Netflix queue has mostly been crammed with getting Zatoichi movies though, so... yeah. The library I use to get older, more common films that I've always wanted to see but for whatever reason never took the time or had the opportunity to actually watch. I'll post a comprehensive list this week, with accompanying comments if I can get them down. But yeah, fucking movies.

Here's some sketches:

Like I said, I've been watching a lot of Zatoichi movies, and they've all been really great. What really pulls at my heart strings about it is maybe that it's this grand epic giant idea that these dudes pulled off for years and years, and when they were done they had this giant catalog of content that all sort of exists together. It's not like James Bond where ten different dudes played the character and they keep "reinventing" him for brave new times every decade or so. I really like that.

I drew this while listening to a Radiolab podcast about some singles event they did in NY. It was about the science and chemistry of "love", hence the dopamine, norepinephrine, and oxytocin. Yay, burning buildings!

These were all the items I had with me when I was sketching at work.