Monday, February 11, 2008

Negating Past Grievances

I've got a bunch of stuff on my table that needs to get done, because it NEEDS to get DONE. So if you're waiting for a poster or something from me, then you won't be waiting long. I'm on it.

Hit two really good art openings last week. The first was at CPA's spot over in Ohio City. Ryan Jeanky and Paul Rogers put a bunch of stuff up, and it all looked killer. Really fun opening, too. It was odd, on a Thursday night and started at 5:30. Still, good show. Friday night was Paul Sydorenko's opening at Asterisk in Tremont. I'm not collected enough to write about it at the moment, but I will say it's a really really fucking great show. The opening was really fun too. I haven't really been going out at all, and this was a nice mid-shitty-winter reminder that people are doing good things and kicking ass and just because the weather is particularly detrimental to your mental health doesn't mean it's the end of the world, even if it feels that way.

Here's a drawing, working on the colors:

The Shiner Monks have published SHINER Number One, but we're just about all out of the initial printing. We'll be printing more with a formal announcement very very soon.

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Mikey said...

Great work, the raw energy of this image ,makes me think of the older Tedd McKeever when he was in his prime!