Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nomadic Placebo Gifters

HEY! I have a couple Free Times piece out this week. Firstly, there's a edition of The Joint column in this week's issue of the magazine. I really liked this piece when I finished it on Sunday, but now looking at it from the distance of a few days I'm not sure how I feel. I wish I had made the image inside the prison's frame more symmetrical. Still, I like this more than if I had gone with a more sequential piece. I like the idea of a single image having more of an impact for something so brutal.

Also, if you're anywhere near a college, I have a piece in the Free Times College Guide. It's for an article about the author's first solo apartment. I think I'm still going to work out the colors some more. This was finished really quickly, and I wanted to experiment more... anyway, I think it works.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Nobody Pays Generously

Hey, not back up online in full effect yet, but enough to bust out the Work in Progress of this flyer that I did with Zippy. We were chatting one night, I mentioned doing a flyer as a puzzle, like a brain teaser... he mentioned maybe ...a ....brain scrambler? The idea was hatched, dropped into a frying pan, and grilled to perfection with this one. So, yeah, guy that cut open his own skull and is scrambling his own brain (note the metal band Goat Cheese's awesome representation).

So, I drew the cover of this week's Free Times, here's a version unfettered by texts and logos and whatnot:

Also in this week's Free Times, a Joint column about peeing in a cup, here's the illustration for that: