Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nomadic Placebo Gifters

HEY! I have a couple Free Times piece out this week. Firstly, there's a edition of The Joint column in this week's issue of the magazine. I really liked this piece when I finished it on Sunday, but now looking at it from the distance of a few days I'm not sure how I feel. I wish I had made the image inside the prison's frame more symmetrical. Still, I like this more than if I had gone with a more sequential piece. I like the idea of a single image having more of an impact for something so brutal.

Also, if you're anywhere near a college, I have a piece in the Free Times College Guide. It's for an article about the author's first solo apartment. I think I'm still going to work out the colors some more. This was finished really quickly, and I wanted to experiment more... anyway, I think it works.

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