Friday, April 10, 2009

Rise From Your Grave!

Beast in the Field, Ganon, local bangers The Great Flood, and Everybody Goes to Hell (Green dropped off the bill). A Doom show. I love Doom Metal.

Decided to go with some new characters. I felt like branching out again for the next few I've got that are all for heavy ass rock shows. The other night I was talking to somebody about how awesome the game Altered Beast was for Sega Genesis. I had pretty much already laid this out with a werewolf-esque dude in the foreground, but when it came time to throw down the final I opted to alter the beast into a more primitive feral big cat type buster. The Blue Big Tittie Tattooed Military Babe, or BBTTMB, was sort of inspired by watching the first half of the episodes of Generation Kill, that HBO show by the dudes that made The Wire. I wasn't sold on Generation Kill until maybe the third episode or so... it's a staggering piece of television, but possibly easy to dismiss because its both harsh and kind of got this slightly brash lackadaisical vibe that washes over the big picture. Definitely worth giving it the chance to get into it.

Man, I love drawing. This took my a lot longer to draw than it should have, but it twas worth it. The Devil's in the Details:

Seriously, look how Doomed out this is:

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Jeff said...


I know what you mean, too, about drawing - it's cool to get such joy out of putting a lot of work into this kinda stuff. I think you can tell when an artist is actually having fun with his work, and yeah, it really shows in your stuff. That MELT flyer looked like it was a lot of fun too!