Saturday, March 14, 2009



This show should be relatively fucking huge. Converge has those rabid ass fans. If I had my game on I'd be one of those poster dudes that could screen print the living shit out of a poster for this thing. But I'm just a humble maniac trying to draw a poster for every day of the month. Like that?

Mother Bear vs Demon Beast. It's the 25th, so there's still some posters that need to happen in the narrative before this. Still... I'm super pumped to be over half way through the month. I've been feeling wicked discouraged, not that I've ever thought to give up on this, but I can already see a lot of the ways I would have done this differently if I had thought to plan it out. It would have been fun to have an online calendar where people could have signed up for specific dates and seen what was filled in by who. Then when the poster was done I could have posted the image in the date? Something like that to create a level of interactivity. Also, I should have plotted out the narrative way in advance and gotten a lot of these posters done weeks ago. That was a misstep, huge misstep.

I'm already getting jobs for shows in April and May and I still have a lot of work for Caveman Diaries 6 to do... I'm totally swamped, dogg! THIS IS AWESOME.

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