Monday, March 23, 2009

Wizard Beard, BMX

So in my weirdo story logic, this Wizard motherfucker can turn his staff into a BMX bike so he can ride around drinking a 40 oz. of Tall Ivan.

Year of The Beard, I think I've posted about it before. It's this kid Andy growing his beard... for a year. He's blogging to raise money for the Domestic Violence Center of Greater Cleveland. I feel for him man, I've been growing mine for like, five months and as awesome as it is to have a wicked beard, it's getting completely annoying... especially now that it's getting warmer out. I think it might be time for this thing to go... here:

Took this what Photo Booth. So it's a mirror image of reality! Here's another starring my cat, Rider. He's got a white mustache:

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Adam Harvey said...

There's a preference you can click to make the photos automagically switch to not-mirror-world mode.