Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Back Issue Sale at ASTOUND! in Westlake, Ohio! The conclusion to Flyer Month. I still have 4 more posters to go, but this is for the 31st so it's the last page, the end. I'll save posting my thoughts on the month until AFTER it's really over, but yeah... here's the 31st.

ASTOUND! is a great comic shop. It's small but clean and well organized. They usually have a ton of oddball weirdo small press and indy stuff, as well as the big commercial industry flag ships. In addition, and more importantly in regards to this poster: they've got this huge hallway of back issues of all kinds in the back. I was able to almost completely fill my BPRD and Hellboy back issue runs from those boxes. I'll probably be there next Tuesday digging through the Hellblazers or some shit.

ANOTHER THING: ASTOUND! carries SHINER COMICS and my other zines like Caveman Diaries and Heat Seeking Crash Lander, so if you've always wanted to check them out but kinda sorta really wanted to just pay 20% less for them... NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!

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