Friday, March 27, 2009

Climactic Battle Trip

Another goddamn Triptych. I love doing these, and I'm pumped about closing out the month with such a long tumultuous piece, but goddamn... I blame it on Jim Lee, for his gatefold X-Men covers. Formative years looking at that stuff probably ruined me forever. My favorite, then not so favoite:

OKAY, on to the details:

Pterodactyl from Brooklyn NY. I like this band a lot. Equally awesome Flat Can Co is the odd man out this show. I don't know anything about Houseguest or Safari.

Gunslingers from France, y'know, in Europe? Terminal Lovers has an All Star line up this tour. Gandhi SS is a Cleveland Lottery League band. Really great stuff. I think this show will kick ass.

I'm DJing the Brunch at the Beachland Tavern this Sunday. You should come and have breakfast with the hungover people you just saw wasted on Saturday night. Especially if you Like High on Fire and Dr. Dre.

So, this is almost done. ONE more poster, for next Monday, and I'll have done a month solid of flyers and posters. I have so much more work to do, it's not even funny.

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