Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hot Mess

Flyer Month
scraping along the third week, uphill, in the dark. I've done work for One Night Stan at Lava before and loved it. So I knew I wanted to have Hot Mess be a part of this project. The catch is that Hot Mess is EVERY WEEK. So I did two versions. One specific to the date I needed it to fit my project. Then...

Another non-specific one.

I had fun drawing that logo, just kinda made it up as I was drawing. I think that kind of design might be better served by using instruments to make measurements and calculate the angles and all that shit. But I just eyeballed it. I dunno, it came out good. I may redo it using math, vectors... just so when I use that style again I'll know better what I'm doing and can get more intricate and weird. Possibly less legible.

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reece station said...

love that! dan is the greatest.