Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wonder Lust

I know the term is technically "Wanderlust", but I like to thing "Wonder Lust" is also a thing. The thing that makes rainbows.

This was a commissioned gift for some special lady from her special sister. This is what you get when you pay me to draw. The message was: "Can you do something with a Mentzendorf Trailer and a Ten Speed?" I had no clue what a Metzendorf Trailer was, so of course I said: "Consider it done." Now, in this case I happened to know the person the gift was for, so I was able to dip into my own experience to come up with subtle touches I knew she would like, but that familiarity wasn't too involved in the final outcome. I did my research and found out all about Metzendorf Trailers, then started to draw. So, there ya have it. That's how it's done. I've been super busy with the posters lately, really, too busy. However, I should be able to squeeze in any more of this type of thing if anybody is interested. especially if you can give me a week or more to get it done.

Again, if you're waiting for something from me, it's probably well on it's way. Hold fast. You're next.

I'm going to use this post to talk about something very near and dear to my heart, and that something is a Samurai movie called When The Last Sword is Drawn. It's currently up on, and it's a goddamned amazing film. I watched it a couple years ago when I was obsessed with Samurai movies, and just re-watched it. On second viewing, the end drags slightly, but the payoff is there in the final scene. It's such a great great movie. I dunno how long that wil be up there, so take the time and feast your eyes.

I think I may actually sleep tonight... maybe.

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