Thursday, August 06, 2009

Gauntlet of Truth

Davis from Gandhi SS requested the use of graphic elements derived from the names of the bands playing this show. I usually don't like literal flyers, it's just way too easy, but I think is is possible to do these things right. Hopefully I pulled it off. At any rate, I was definitely not gonna draw Gandhi, The Mahatma, with a swastika armband, then I forgot to change the SS logos to white. Anyway, I really really like Gandhi, y'know, as a dude. That guy knew what was up.

For This Moment in Black History, I decided to bring back the Gauntlet of Truth version of Obama from this old flyer. I think this is All Dinosaurs, like, 4th show. I don't know much about Methodist, they are from Brooklyn.

I have a bunch more posters on my desk, so if you're one of the people waiting for one of them, hang tough, they're on their way.

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