Friday, December 16, 2011

Ghost Ship Graveyard

This is the first time I've done a poster for The Mohawk in Austin. I'm pretty stoked it's for such a good show, and I was able to do something so ridiculous as a haunted pirate ghost ship. Graveyard from Sweden is a really awesome stoner-ish rock band that reminds me of everything good from classic rock radio without any of the bullshit that sucks about classic rock radio. Speaking of radio, I don't know much about Radio Moscow, but I'd definitely be down to check 'em out, give them a whirl, why not? Also, Eagle Claw! They're playing the New Years Eve show I did a poster for at Red 7. If I were in Austin, I'd be going to both of these shows.

Here's a close-up of the ghosts on the ship. I drew them separate and "ghosted" them in on the art in Photoshop. Pretty fun piece to work on.

Here's the straight up black and white line art for this one. I liked drawing this. I especially liked drawing the water. It's this brush stroke pattern that when you're doing it just looks like a mess, but the closer it gets to being done, the more it actually turns into the intended image. It's almost a surprise sometimes, when that happens.

I feel like the last few weeks, the holidays, really beat my ass this year without me even knowing it. Now I'm torched and confused as to when/how that happened. I'll hopefully be posting some more stuff this week. Been working pretty hard on some things, shaping 2012 into the best year yet. Stay tuned!

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