Sunday, January 22, 2006

Giant Robot Rations

I have no idea who October Guard is, but K Ration is made up of some pretty good dudes. I've missed all their shows, but I hope to make it out to this. I wanted to do a graphic of a giant robot wrecking some shit, or protectively holding a kid it one hand while fighting off a giant pterodactyl with the other, but my ambition got the better of me and I opted for a straight forward upper body image of a battered warrior. This week I had the anime series Giant Robo playing while I worked on stuff and it kind of inspired this. I'm not sure when it was made, but from what I can gather it is pretty much a rip off of the live action 60's show Johnny Sokko. Someday I'd really like to take this character for a spin in a one shot comic or extended graphic novel. Maybe I'll try and work a short into the next Wheelchair RIOT zine.

John G

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