Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hook Boy

Mike Uva is a song writing mastermind. He traded his CD "Where have you been?" to me for a copy of my latest zine at the time, last summer. I ripped him off like the Hamburglar screamin out "Robble Robble 'n Shit". It was such an unfair trade. "Where have you been?" is a really well done tracks of folksy, at times pop, rock songs that range from the paths of Dinosaurs to Floridian exploits involving skin care products. I like it a lot, and feel kinda guilty all he got was a zine full of my bullshit. Do yourself a favor and head over to Mike's label's website: Collectible Escalators. They got MP3s n' shit. You can even ORDER THE CD.

I've been jonesin' for some crime noir lately. I even ordered a used copy of Bendis' GOLDFISH Graphic Novel off Amazon. I swear it's the sixth copy of that book I've bought. I keep loaning it out to people and never getting it back. I also started down the slippery slope of addiction to the HBO original series The Wire DVDs. I dunno how noir it is necessarily, but it's got s shit load of crime. I guess that's where this flyer's idea came from, that NEED for something dark and shady.

John G

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