Thursday, February 02, 2006

Night Jaunts #3

Unprovoked, a copy of Night Jaunts #3 showed up in my mailbox. I love when that kinda shit happens. The zine is a collection of short pieces from a range of authors from all over the place but mostly from the American Northwest. Which makes sense being that the publisher is apparently in Eugene, Oregon. Night Jaunts starts off with a handful of pages about skateboarding and stone vengeful thievery. I’m assuming the publisher wrote these because there is no credit with the title. Then there is a short piece by my dude Danny, who moved out to Seattle. It’s about some familiar haunts and beer at state minimum. Of the others there’s a piece about adventures on the day Wesley Willis died, and this entertaining short about the author, Burke, ending up having to get a tetanus shot on his 22nd birthday. The other stories revolve around introspective walking, alone, at night. Night Jaunts.

To order this zine, which I recommend you do, send $2 to PO Box 5841 Eugene, OR 97405 or email mishapzine at yahoo dot com

I’d also like to mention that my latest zine, The Caveman Diaries #3 is available. It’s $5 plus postage because it’s over 40 pages of flyer art, xerox art, sketches, ramblings, bullshit, more art, and a full nasty color centerfold.

I've created a Paypal button, so if you want to pay via paypal, you can just click on it. It will add $1.50 for shipping though, so be ready with the $6.50... Yeah, expensive, but most people will charge more than that for shipping, and I'll send this shit anywhere on Earth. Sorry Martians. If you would like to send me a check or money order (payeble to John Greiner) or well concealed cash, please mail it to John G 373 Lear #52 Avon Lake, OH 44012.

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