Thursday, November 19, 2009


Here's the second of my two "two shows two cities one poster" pieces. The other being for Music Saves/Square Records joint Holiday Get Down. This jam is for Cleveland's mighty Filmstrip and The Kyle Sowashes from Columbus. Fox Japan is playing the Dec. 18th Columbus show at The Treehouse. All Dinosaurs are playing the Dec. 19th show at Now That's Class in Cleveland.

I did another flip-able poster before, for a Keelhaul/Municipal Waste show in Austin, Texas last year. I also used a CMYK color scheme for that one. I like this design move. It's fun and lends itself to that positive/negative thematic conflict idea. Which reminds me of a dialogue from LOST, where John Locke is talking about ...backgammon.

That robot is so happy. Columbus, where Happy Robots learn to love in the forest garden. The Cleveland robot is just a tough mean Heavy. This is not unrealistic.

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