Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Get Down 2009

Your 6th Annual Holiday Get Down, presented by Music Saves and Square Records! Casual Encounters, The Walkies, Talons, Shiny Penny are playing two shows back to back. I'm working on another poster like this for two shows in Cleveland and Columbus. It's strange how things happen at the same time like that.

I struggled like crazy to come up with this piece. Seriously. I really wanted to draw something fun, like, party-centric fun. I don't think I even know how to HAVE fun, much less draw it. Seriously, I was drawing polar bears making snowmen, and penguins playing instruments, then a super bundled up Santa-Cat! None of it looked all that good, or fun. So, I searched my heart for what I really felt about this jam. What would make me want to go to a party, or two parties, in December? Well, a cozy, obviously warm, glowing building in the middle if a blizzard with a million footprints leading the way.

I decided to go with a lone polar bear, guitar slung across his back, on the long walk through the snow. Layered up, the winter is upon us... or, it's supposed to be. After I worked all night drawing in the cold, then printed till 4:30am, slept for a couple hours, and came back to The Monasery... the place is flooded with sunshine. It's almost like it's warm in here. Unbelievable. It's November. I'm sure the other shoe will drop any minute.

I really really like how these colors came out. I added a layer of splatter that I changed to white for the snow. I think the glow of the windows came out awesome. I almost spent another half hour or so adding a ton more subtle changes, but then had a moment of clarity where I realized I was done, and to proceed would be to overwork this one. So I saved it, and gave it a name. That name was Finished.

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