Monday, November 09, 2009

A Bachelor in Cleveland

This is the first of a new monthly series of posters I'll be doing for The Beachland, and Cleveland Bachelor, a blog about Cleveland stuff.

This is a situation where I had never heard of any of these bands, so I had to actually look them up and make sure I didn't draw anything too divergent. Evangelicals are from Norman, Oklahoma. Holiday Shores are from Tallahassee, Florida. Mother Country Madmen, are locals. Booyah.

We're going with a recurring character for this project, so I figured I would at least spend a couple minutes trying to do the design work that I'm going to use for the long haul. Justin, THE Cleveland Bachelor, suggested a robot, dinosaur, or viking character with characteristics suspiciously similar to a college professor... so I went with a robot, because any dinosaur I want to draw probably wouldn't be as versatile and vikings... vikings need to be taken seriously. I figured there would be a sense of humor about at least some of these posters. Vikings need to be taken seriously.

I toiled with this layout for a little while. I'm trying now, not to repeat myself too much. I almost went with a giant deer-headed creature climbing up on the busted ass city, maybe coming out of a body of water. Instead I felt the need to play it more subtle... an OPEN GRAVE. Maybe I'm still a little infected by Halloween, and maybe I just like the idea of resurrection. Anyway, there's the ruff.

So, this is about as detailed as I felt like getting with these pencils. This is the first poster I designed in The Monastery, the new studio space I've been renting and finally moved into this weekend. The Monastery is awesome. I really really like working there. This isn't the first drawing I did there, but it's the first poster. Though, I totally miss my cats while I'm there.

The inks came out pretty loose, I think. I like it. It's good to loosen up every now and then. I think the tree could have used a reference, but I knew that most of that would be covered by text anyway. I planned for that.

Yeah, colors. I'm actually really happy with how this came out, color-wise. This, I didn't really plan out at all and just kinda worked out as I went. I think my cats are kind of freaking out about the fact that now there's absolutely nothing in The Cave. It's pretty empty. I need to remedy that soon. A couch? A hot tub? A cave-size maze-like series of kitty trees and kitty condos? Suggestions are welcome.

So, tonight at Midnight I'm going to start a 24 Hour Comic. I've wanted to do this for a while, and I never set aside the time. Well, I'm doing it. So, yeah. At the very least it will be something new for Genghis Con, at the most it will be another chapter in the series of Clevelyn stories I've been telling in Shiner.


killersharkworm said...

this is AWESOME (from Leia)

laura long said...

my dude peejay is in holiday shores! i haven't heard them, but i know he plays a mean bass.