Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Giant Dog-Wolf Occasion

Another show at The Happy Dog, with Stimulus Package (their last show), Cobra Verde, Good Touch Bad Touch.

Brittany from Stimulus Package asked if there was a story behind this piece. I'm sure there is, I'm just not 100% certain what it is. Sometimes I have a story in mind, or I add details and things that are specific, or references to things that are happening with me or people I know. I actually love doing that, and feel like it's one of the reasons why people even like my work at all.

This one is an occasion where I just got an idea and ran with it. Well, Brittany had also mentioned that she liked wolves, so I knew I wanted to include a wolf. I wish this wolf looked more wolf-like and less dog-like, but still... it's a lady riding a giant dog-wolf! Taking out some creepy soldier/cops. I think maybe this character will be back. Yeah, definitely.

I've got a lot more on the way this week, I'll never sleep again.


0becomingX said...

love that wolf

John G said...