Friday, March 23, 2007

THE JOINT from 3/21/07

Here's the art from this week's The Joint in the FREE TIMES. This week's piece was about cons training puppies to eventually teach them to be assist dogs or seeing eye dogs. It's not a bad read. However, I was surprised to see the art that was printed in the magazine, as it's stretched, I guess, to fit the page. Kinda got to me.

Then again, it's freelance for a weekly magazine with tight deadlines so it's not like everything can be expected to go flawlessly every single time. I've been doing the art for this column for over a year now, and I'm very very happy with both the content and direction of the column itself, and my own contributions and ability to contribute. I think there have been more hits than misses with this series. I think I've grown as an artist; maybe not as a professional, but certainly as an illustrator.

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ADC said...

That's a great strip. Too bad about the stretching. So how does this work? You must illustrate whatever article the column is about? Have you ever run into a conflict with the subject matter of the article?