Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Non Practicing Greintologist

Been a minute. A long long ridiculous lazy bummed out minute. Still, here's a flyer for The Unsane. I'm listening to their new CD right now. It's pretty heavy and harsh and on point. I don't think I've ever listened to them before. Not with any lasting comprehensive discretion. I do remember they had a video years ago that was just all footage of skate boarders eating shit. That was a pretty awesome video for it's time. Anyway, should be a good show. Especially if you're a Metal Dude. OH, and 400 Blows is playing!!

If I owe you flyers and you're reading this, I assure you they are on their way. Sorry I flaked out so hard recently. Been an interesting bunch of weeks. Anyway, I think I'm cool now and I'll get that shit to you as soon as it gets done.

Keep checking back. I'll be posting a bunch of new stuff soon, and hopefully it will actually be good!

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