Saturday, February 17, 2007


This is my most recent attempt to use my Wacom Tablet in any capacity. I'm working on a huge ridiculous thing about Winter Beards and how awesome they are for the next Caveman Diaries. I'm hoping to have Caveman Diaries No. 6 done and ready for SPACE. It won't be nearly as huge as No. 5 but it'll be the next step in evolution for Cave innovations.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It Keeps On Coming And Rising

As the Frosty Hammer of the Winter Gods falls upon the Head and Chest of Mighty Ohio, Billy Delfs sent out an email with photos of Downtown Cleveland. Documentation of The Storm.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pentire-Agram, Photos

It's been so goddamn cold out I've been staying in and trying not to leave my apartment for any reason. I've failed myserably every day. But still. I try. Today I hit the post office, so if I owe you some shit, it is indeed on it's way. I've only got maybe four or five copies of The Caveman Diaries Vol. 5 left, so if you want a copy, order it now.

I finally sat around and messed with a bunch of digital photos I took, some while my sister was in town a couple weekends ago. It was a good weekend, but it ate a lot of time that I should have spent working on things that need to get done. I can't blame that entirely on her though, she wasn't in town this past weekend and I didn't get anything done then either. Here's some photos:

I've got a shit ton of sketchbook shit to scan and post, so, stay tuned.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pet Friends vs. Centuritron

This Saturday, Feb 3rd, C-Space is having an auction at Parish Hall Cleveland. I donated a piece that I ripped in half and made into two pieces. I had planned it in two pieces and had planned on getting it matted together, but didn't have the money to do that. So now it's just two pieces: "Pet Friends vs." and "vs. Centuritron".

Tonight I actually went down to the C-Space to drop off the artwork. It's on the corner of W. 44th and Clark, which is kind of a totally shitty neighborhood. It's a really cool space though. I guess it's mostly a community center, but they do all types of shit. The have this funny totally crummy makeshift ramp built onto the step to get in which made me endlessly happy. Structurally it's a total hazard, escpecially coupled with the dirty snow and sluch accumulated on and around it, but I'll give them an A for Effort. NOBODY ever goes through the effort of building a crummy makeshift ramp. A crummy makeshift ramp is ten bajillion-killion times better than a totally inaccesible place. So, if you're in or around Cleveland on Saturday, go to this auction and bid high.