Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pet Friends vs. Centuritron

This Saturday, Feb 3rd, C-Space is having an auction at Parish Hall Cleveland. I donated a piece that I ripped in half and made into two pieces. I had planned it in two pieces and had planned on getting it matted together, but didn't have the money to do that. So now it's just two pieces: "Pet Friends vs." and "vs. Centuritron".

Tonight I actually went down to the C-Space to drop off the artwork. It's on the corner of W. 44th and Clark, which is kind of a totally shitty neighborhood. It's a really cool space though. I guess it's mostly a community center, but they do all types of shit. The have this funny totally crummy makeshift ramp built onto the step to get in which made me endlessly happy. Structurally it's a total hazard, escpecially coupled with the dirty snow and sluch accumulated on and around it, but I'll give them an A for Effort. NOBODY ever goes through the effort of building a crummy makeshift ramp. A crummy makeshift ramp is ten bajillion-killion times better than a totally inaccesible place. So, if you're in or around Cleveland on Saturday, go to this auction and bid high.


Fabricari said...

Man, you know I continue to dig your style. Crazy Andy MacDonald/Mark Texteria(sp) hybrid. Lookin' forward to SPACE - racin' to get my shit together.

jaimie 13 said...

wow, great picture. The dog with the sword is just amazing.I Love the pose and snarl on its face. Also wanted to say congrats on getting a cat. I got a 13 year old cat by the name of Phil who shares my drawing room. They make great company, when your slaying paper with ink!