Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Nervously Preaching Gusto

Well, here I am posting again. I missed this thing, and all that it entails. Busy busy non-internet having man that I have been, I've neglected it and the three people that check this shit on their "Readers".

Hey, look, a poster! This is for the mighty First Annual Festival 71: Ten Bands, both rooms of the Beachland, the release show for Times New Viking's new "Rip it Off" LP/CD on Matador Records, Radio Dystopia.

Here's a poster I did, which, I didn't even get to go to this show. I was out earlier that night at a couple different art openings, including one called Onion Skins (a group show that in which I have a bunch of prints, including prints of these posters), and by the time it came down to deciding whether or not to head down to Pat's I was flat beat. I ended up just going home and watching Invisible Man movies until I passed out. Yo, Invisible Man movies are creepy as hell. In an awesome awesome way. I made a list the other day, and totaled out the amount of movies I've watched between like, Mid December and now at well over 30. That includes the DVD box sets of TV shows Lost Season One, Into The West, and James Clavell's Shogun! I'll post more about movies later. And by later I mean soonish. I promise.

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