Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Don't Look Down

Hey, been really busy running around dealing with being successful. That "Challenger" series that I contributed to the show that's up RIGHT NOW at Vision Gallery SOLD. All seven pieces. Met with some out of town collectors yesterday and they commissioned a "Challenger" series of their own, and then bought a piece right out of my portfolio. Also looking at getting a very limited edition run of prints of the series that's hanging right now, due to popular demand. Thinking an edition less than ten. I'll post again when I know exactly what I'm doing.

ALSO: At Vision Gallery, you can now get copies of both SHINER #1, and a new booklet I made called HEART'S BLOOD. I'll post an actual announcement about Heart's Blood later in the week when I get the chance. It's also available now at ASTOUND! in Westlake.

ALSO: I had an illustration in the new Cleveland Scene Magazine, buried on page 87 or something. Right between the stripper ads and the Free Will Astrology! It's for an article by Jara Anton about going to the beach:

It printed super small, and I wish I had actually planned it better. I drew it at like, 200%, which in retrospect was a bum idea. LIVE AND LEARN.

ALSO: Dos Gatitos...

My tables are cluttered with a million gigs in various stages of completion, so if I owe you a flyer or something, hold fast... it will be done. If you're just watching this controlled wreck happen, also hold fast... more art and actual announcements very very soon!

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