Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Crust Almighty

Dude plays bass in DMC is my old long-time amigo Mikey. We were once young and filthy, rode bicycles, hunting the ruins for big game. Once. We used to fight each other. We're not young anymore. At least, I'm not. I ain't fighting anybody.

This is one of the pieces I just sorta laid down the loosest possible groundwork before throwing down with the inks. I liked the way this gasmask guy looked.

Posters can't rock on gas masks alone, so I decided to put the blue lady bird in the BG. Gave her some swords. Why not?

Here's the inks. I dunno how long I spent on this piece, but I had fun drawing it. The text I made by printing it out, shrinking it down and blowing it up on my copier to get it crusty as hell, then taking the part with the band names and moving it on the glass as the copier's light bulb thing moved under that. It gives it that deformed blur look. Then I copied it again and took that, cleaned it up with a pen and white out, and scanned that.

I forgot to put it on the poster, it wasn't in the text that Mikey sent me to put on the poster, but... I think this show is a CD release party for DMC.

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