Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So, this is a poster I made for the THIS IS CLEVELAND Art Show Closing Party, which is being presented by Cleveland Bachelor, for further information, check THIS out.

I'm pretty happy with how this poster came out. I was originally supposed to be a part of this show and botched it by not turning in my camera.

Oh, by the way, the premise of the show is that Lowlife Gallery gave 30 different people disposable cameras to take 27 pictures with over the course of 2 weeks. Then a committee got together and selected the best of the best and that became this art exhibit. I was one of the 30, camera #27 to be exact, but I blew it and didn't take enough pictures and then never turned in camera #27.

I felt pretty guilty about that, but I'm too busy to actually worry about it. I think maybe I also felt the need to make this poster exceptional, and somehow indicative of what I think of the show. I guess part of me feels that as much as it was a group of 30 individuals, it was really the city, as an entity, taking a single self portrait. The disposable camera being optimal, because it's so sufficient.

It was only halfway through this piece that it reminded me of this earlier thing I did. Nowhere near the same, but ...similar.

So come to Lowlife Gallery at 16001 Waterloo on June 27th and check this thing out. It's after the Waterloo Arts Fest, which is going on all day.

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