Friday, September 09, 2011

Hellboy Shenanigans

I did this sketch of Hellboy, Son, Hellboy!

I went down to rap about Mike Mignola's Hellboy with 2 of the 3 gentlemen from the podcast called Comics Are Go. You can find them on iTunes, or just go to THIS PAGE. The Hellboy episode was a "Special Edition", it's the one from 9/4/11. I had a total blast talking about the big picture of Hellboy ├╝ber alles, but also focusing mostly on the last few main story arcs (Darkness Calls, The Wild Hunt, The Storm, and The Fury), which were all written by Mignola and drawn by Duncan Fegredo.

I also sat in on the "News" segment of Episode 85 with Cleveland comics luminary Mike Sangiacomo. He also recorded a "Special Edition" about the Avengers movie filming in Cleveland, but I haven't had the chance to listen to it yet. I did hear some stories in person a couple weeks ago and they were all pretty interesting and cool, so I'm guessing it's an awesome podcast.

I'm selling this bad boy for just ten measly bones: Check it out HERE, at the Shiner Comics Big Ass Cartel Store. I've also posted some more involved drawings, mostly from Melt jams over the past few months.


Christian said...

Man, I've been wanting to see you do a Mignola-style piece for a while now! Nice work!

John G said...

Thanks man! I've got a bundle of posters that I've done for Red 7 in Austin that are pretty much in line with this style I've been meaning to post. Maybe this is the week! One of them was for SLAYER.