Sunday, April 08, 2012


I didn't know anything about Racebannon until Zip hipped me to them, and assured me that it was one of the greatest live shows he's ever seen. So, I got stoked on this piece and felt like getting wild with the gasmask/helmet revival. There's something fun as shit about drawing a helmet with a bunch of pins, stickers and damage, plus sticking stuff in the band like smokes/lighters/bullets. It's a good time, I bet it's even more fun to do that to an actual helmet! I would love to try it out some day.

This is my new favorite band, MURDEREDMAN's first show. As you can see on their facebook page that it's David from Jerk, John from Cave Bear, Ron Kretsch and Rich Raponi from Self Destruct Button. I don't want to call it a "super group", but goddamn, what a crew.

I couldn't find a website for Vortex. I don't know anything about them. Dead Peasant Insurance is also playing, pretty great line-up. Great show.

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