Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Parts + Labor, Jerk, Clan of the Cave Bear, Ohm's Law, Child Bite

Been really busy both being sick as shit, and working and reworking The Caveman Diaries #5, which I blew my self imposed deadline of 11/10. Now I'll be lucky if I can get it out by the December 9th Rock & Roll Flea Market at The Beachland Ballroom. Anyway, so... on with the art. This show is gonna be pretty awesome. Parts + Labor is on this insane tour at the moment, which apparently Todd from Suckapants is with them. I haven't seen Clan of The Cave Bear since John moved away to NYC, and he's been back for like, 5 months. I swore off going to shows, but I'll definitely be at this one.

I gave this one a whirl at coloring, mostly for practice. I didn't invest a whole lot of time on this. Still, I think I like it. If I were more diligent I'd have varied the blacks of the words on the arm to a deep red, and then spent more time on giving the flesh more dimension. Finally, I would have also done more to deepen the background and give the splattered areas some dark colors.

This flyer is based on the clever idea by John Delzoppo, the drummy half of Cave Bear. I wanted to go with a more RISK: 2210 based idea, but John's original was screaming to be redone with brush and ink.

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Mr. Hawthorne said...

GODDAMN, John!! Fucking awesome!