Monday, June 25, 2007

Nullified Pretense Gunnage

Another week, another flyer, another chance to fuck it all up again. I have only the slightest clue about Disaster Transport, which is my dude Henry James and some other dude. The other players, I'm not familiar. Disaster Transport is named after a roller coaster at Cedar Point. When I was a kid it was called Avalanch Run. Anyway, Bela Dubby has quickly become my favorite place to go and work... or, ignore working and goof off.

So I've been slowly adding a lot of links to my sidebar. I think you should all take HEED:

Biological Basement is the blog of Cleveland music Godzilla Dave Cintron. There's only one unreleased track up there now, but I'm hoping he builds an empire of madness from that beginning.

Fabio Moon and Gabreil Bá, Brazilian Masterminds, are two of the tightest gunslingers in the trenches. I love them with all my heart.

Twist Street is home to my old compadre Abhay Khosla, where you can download Left Field, his entire hysterical 218 page graphic novel about a baseball team.

Fate of The Artist is Eddie Campbell's blog. Eddie Campbell drew From Hell, and created one of the books hugely influential to me in my early days of bungling through the comics plane, How To Be An Artist.

Wander is the blog of Andrew Wilson. He's a great great talent, and teamed up with Wade Schin to put out the stellar hardback art book, So Now What Do We Do?, published by Alberto Ruiz and Brand Studio.

Haven't been watching many Samurai movies lately. Well, I watched a few but I'll save that for wnother post later this week. I got ridiculous amounts of art to post, so... stay tuned.


.:.Darth Beader.:. said...

Hey, great job!

I reelly like the line and colors you use.

I´ll be around here usually!


John G said...

Thanks! Welcome, I really like your work!