Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nihilist Probability Grenade

The hard drive in my Power Book is shot, and I lost everything I'd done for pretty much the past two years. I was able to barrow a Mac Book from my homeboy Billy Delfs to get some really good work done this weekend. Actully, the work was a huge pain in the ass, and when I get my shit together again I think I'll post about the process I went through on this shit. You can get your hands on it Wednesday. It'll be in the Free Times. By any road, I'll be out of digital commission for a couple weeks. I'm going to use this time to carve out an empire.

Hey, here's a triple dose of images that are sitting on Billy's Desktop:

These photos are ©2007 Billy Delfs, bitches.

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Bridget said...

I know I've told you 100 times how great the cover looks, and you're probably sick of hearing it already...but it does kick ass. Great job, John!!