Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hood Weather

Things are getting thick, kinda. Busy busy busy. Gonna be posting a bunch stuff soon, so stay tuned. The weather is getting really awesome. I'm hoping it hangs on like this instead of just rocketing down into the depths of a shit winter forever. At least for a couple weeks.

At the coffee shop right now and some squirrely old weirdo is buggin' out about some computer software licensing bullshit and just yelling, while is ancient moms is hacking up a lung. I really need to get the internet back in The Cave.


She really loves that printer.

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So Buttons said...

A very studious kitty cat!

Did MLW go to that expo in Baltimore without you? Do you have any Shiner2s left? Does hearing that it's almost winter in Ohio make me petrified about the rapid disintegration of time?