Friday, October 03, 2008


So, yeah, thing is, I've been awake for like, three days. This is the second time I've had to do this recently, the staying awake thing. I just semi- finished this big project and really really wish I had another day and a full night's sleep to get back in there and give those images a better chance to shine. I probably will, for my own satisfaction, but the deadline for the thing to print is here and I've sent the files. So, yeah, grab a Cleveland Scene Magazine next week.

I've decided not to try and go to SPX after all this madness. Bums me out to no end. BUT, there's good stuff going on here this weekend. Gonna hit Artchitecture later, after I rest my bones. Gonna go see The Mummy at the Cinematheque. Karloff The Uncanny. I've been in this Bagel shop for three hours, working. I think I'm finally gonna eat.

Speaking of Eating, have a DOOM SANDWICH:

This is a page from SHINER No. 2. If you're interested in an 11" x 14" print of that piece, I made an edition of 12. There's only 12. You can get one for $25 post paid. Hit me:

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So Buttons said...

What a handsome kitty!