Friday, May 01, 2009

Dos Muertos

TOMORROW. This show, MAYhem, opens at Lowlife Gallery in scenic Collinwood, Ohio! This is the flyer with the updated artist list. I saw the gallery today and there is so much goddamn art in that space. It's totally ridiculous and awesome. This party will be one for the ages.

My contribution is a limited signed and numbered print of the image from the flyer/poster. Dos Muertos is an edition of 12, archival prints on indoor glossy vinyl. It's roughly 16 x 22, and through the gallery they're $40. If you're interested in one, but can't get to Cleveland, or Lowlife, feel free to email me ( and I'll hook it up. These are some crummy photographs, but... that's them:

I matted and framed the print in the exhibit myself. The matte board looks like I cut it by chewing through it with my teeth. I suck at that stuff, and it's such a pain in the ass. BUT, even that looks a lot nicer than just clamps and pins for this piece. It's a big group show, and I'd rather not look like the guy that doesn't care, especially when I do. Sometimes I don't. ...maybe even most times. This time I do.

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