Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Punk Noir

Woman from Brooklyn, Australian legends Lubricated Goat, and Pop. 1280 also from NY. Not really 100% on this one, but I definitely nailed the film noir vibe I was going for, which was requested by "the client". I think there may be too many textures or... I dunno, I just wish it was more legible, I guess. At any rate, boy do I love film noir. This was a total blast to draw.


Jason Thibault said...

Hells yes I dig it.
Very cool poster design sir.

Jen Kaplan said...

I can read the info just fine. I like the different textures. It may not be your best, but I have seen some terrible posters done by other artists and this one doesn't compare (which is good). I saw one poster that was a beautiful naked woman done in watercolor, then the info was in Bic pen and I couldn't even read it and figure out what it was promoting because the pen wasn't thick enough to get picked up by the scanner fully.

jaimie 13 said...

I kinda stole your idea here. But I did give you props on it. By the way awesome flyer!!